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Hey guys ! I know a lot of my visitors are wordpress users. And you have to know that as your site grow bigger and more popular, the chance of getting attacked by the hackers is become more bigger too. So, I will give you premium wordpress security plugin.

What Is WP Sonic Defender ?

Wp Sonic Defender is one of the best wordpress security plugin. It can protect you from hackers who using bots to do brute attack force into your site. I've been using it for my wordpress site and I love how this plugin works.

How Does It Work ?

This Plugin is working in a simple way. But, don't worry it still will give you maximum protection for your site. Everyone who try to acces your wp-login page will be redirected into other page or other domain if you want. Even you can redirect them into FBI website (this is what I love).

So, I think it's better to use wordpress security plugin to secure your website. You won't know when the hacker will attack your site. Maybe today your site isn't popular but who knows maybe someday it will be popular like facebook or reddit. It's better to start the maximum protection today.

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You can purchase this plugin form the official website for 27$. But, If you don't have any money you can download it for free from our site. Please buy the licensed version when you have a money to purchase it. Don't worry we'll never ask you for registering or pay any cost to downloading file. Just do a short survey to get this 27$ plugin.

Thanks for reading my post, you can share any post from our site but please add my link as source in your post. See you on the next post !  

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