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The ONLY WordPress Theme that automatically optimizes your website for optimal clicks and earnings. Intellitheme does the split testing and optimization for you, allowing you to focus more time on site creation and scaling your business.
IntelliTheme is exclusive in the world of WordPress themes. Unlike any WordPress theme currently available, IntelliTheme doesn’t require users to manually modify settings to be able to optimize their websites. Rather, IntelliTheme fluidly adapts to visitor feedback. Intellitheme is developed to optimize your niche sites for highest profitability and usability whilst giving users the opportunity to monitor and split test different layouts in order to see, which works best.
The theme is the brainchild of Justin and Joe from Adsense Flippers and was developed with the help of their intern, John DeVries. If anybody knows how to optimize adsense sites it is these guys, with their experience creating and selling (or “flipping”) hundreds of these kinds of websites.

Features of Intelli Theme

  • Five preset layouts ready to activate.
  • Slider controls which dictate how often each preset appears (you can have two or three alternating, hence the split-testing).
  • Ready made advert areas. Simply create your ads in adsense and copy and paste, they’ll appear on the site and start tracking.
  • Controls over colors, fonts and tags as well as header image uploads.
  • Easy analytics. Just copy your analytics identification code, paste it in the designated area and you’re good to go.
  • Statistics including page views, clicks and CTR and the option to monitor these over a set period and compare one theme vs. another.


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