Easy Simple Way To Earn Money From Youlikehits

Easy Simple Way To Earn Money From Youlikehits

Hello guys ! Today I wanna share a really simple way to earn points and sell it for dollar with Youlikehits. This method doesn't need any premium software or plugin just a simple imacros script that I made yesterday.

What is Youlikehits ?

Before we start to learn Easy Simpe Way To Earn Money From Youlikehits, I want you to know what is "Youlikehits". Youlikehits is a web where you can earn point by watching others youtube video, like youtube video, subscribe youtube channel,  follow others twitter account, and many more.

So what we're gonna do here is using imacros to automatically watch video and we just sit and collect the point.

Okay let's start with this easy method.

First you need to register to youlikehits and then download imacros addons for your mozilla firefox. After that you can download and install my imacros script. Sit back and watch your point growing up automatically.

Easy ? Yes that's really easy but you don't learn my easy method Earn Money From Youlikehits yet. So what's next ?

Okay the next thing is sell service on fiverr. The gig name should be "Increase youtube visitor dramatically for 5$". And that's it my Easy Simple Way To Earn Money From Youlikehits, I hope you enjoy it. Check out my others free money making method. See you guys, cheers !

Note: I think it's better to use vps for running imacros script for 24/7. If you don't have VPS i will give you trick how to get free vps server us

Download Here:

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