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[ GET ] No Hands SEO | Backlink Booster Tools

Hey guys ! Thanks for downloading form our website it really give me spirit to uploading more files for you. Okay, today I will give you backlink booster tool which is really worth it for building high quality backlink.

This tools works in a great way. No hands SEO will take your keywords and give you relevant website to build link and post it automatically for you. Just a simple click and this No hands SEO will give you a lot of backlink. You don't have a time for sitting in front of your computer ? Don't worry, No Hands SEO still build backlinks while you are not even at your computer. You set it up once and let it run forever.

Does it really works ? This tools was made in 2011. After the first two weeks there were lots of reviewers stating first page Google was accomplished with just this tool.

No Hands SEO Features:

  • Fully automated - incredibly easy to use
  • Searches and posts to 50+ different platforms
  • Highly customizable
  • Effortlessly improve your search rankings
  • Too many amazing features to list here
This tool's price is 77$. Don't worry if you don't have a money and you still want to try this tool, you can download the cracked version from our website. You don't need to pay to get this tool it's not like what they do in other cracked software website. You just need to do a short survey to get this file.

No Hands SEO Free Download Link:

[ SEO Tips ] The Best Link Building Strategy 2015

Hey guys ! This time I will give you my best link building strategy. I learn this strategy from somebody in blackhat marketing forum. Okay, Let's go with the best link building strategy !

What's Google Want ?

First of all you have to know what's google want from your backlinks. What I want to emphasize here is you must build quality backlinks and google must love it, your backlinks must meet these following conditions:
  • Authority
  • Relevant Niche
  • Natural
Here's what I made from this link building strategy

Step By Step:

  1. Create 20-30 contextual links guest post or blog post. For low budget, you can use web 2.0 properties but please understand what is the real meaning of TIER 1. If you still want to create spun articles, trust me it won't go so far.
  2. Requirement for articles: niche relevant, 100% unique, human readable, more than 500 words.
  3. I never use targeted keyword as anchor text. It's only naked URL and domain brand.
  4. Build Tier 2 for that 30 contextual links with drip feed
  5. Within 2-3 weeks my contextual links goes up to top 100 rank in And the next 7 weeks it goes to top 50 and automatically my money site goes up like rocket to top 10 rank in
  6. For make a strong SERP, I create more contextual links. So far I have 100 contextual links.

The Main Idea From This Link Building Strategy:

Build 20-30 contextual links for your money site, you can use contextual link guest post or blog post. And you must make your contextual link ranked on top 100 This method is safe from any google's cute animals, because you build backlink with autorithy site not from nonsense dummy blog. FYI this blog is one of my Tier 1 blog. I build this blog manually and once this blog is ready, I will place 5 of my contextual links in this blog.

That's it guys ! I hope this method can really help you to success on internet marketing world. Remember, nobody fails in internet marketing world, some just quit before their success come to their hands. Thanks for your visit, see you on the next post !


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