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AcyMailing Enterprise Free Download

AcyMailing Enterprise Features:

  • Efficiently manage an unlimited number of users
  • Send personalised newsletters
  • Add custom fields to the user profile
  • Generate automatic newsletters
  • Create follow-up auto-responder campaigns
  • Get full access to our plugin section to integration AcyMailing with other Joomla components
  • Include any Joomla module
  • Mass subscribe your users based on filters on VirtueMart orders, VirtueMart shopper group, VirtueMart fields, jomSocial fields
  • Automatic filters
  • Add an access control level for subscription to your lists
  • Manage your Newsletters from the frontend
  • Bounce back handling system
  • Detailed statistics (open rates, url/click tracker, charts statistics)
AcyMailing Enterprise includes all the features from AcyMailing StarterAcyMailing EssentialAcyMailing Business and so much more...
Much more than a simple newsletter component, AcyMailing Enterprise represents a complete package for creating e-mail marketing campaigns with follow-up autoresponder messages.
Like any other version of AcyMailing, you can send newsletters on a set date, but AcyMailing Enterprise also enables you to set up a series of e-mails which will be sent one after the other based on the subscription date of the user + a certain amount of time!
That way you can contact your user the day of his subscription, then 1 week after his subscription, etc...
A follow-up autoresponder campaign is the most efficient way to keep up with your subscribers and build a real relationship.
  • Joomla 1.5 Native Joomla 1.6 Native Joomla 1.7 Native Joomla 2.5 Compatible Joomla 3.0 Compatible
  • GPL v3
  • No limit of time
  • 1 year free updates
  • 1 year free support for one website
  • 1 year web cron service for one website
  • PHP v5.0.0 or above
  • MySQL / MySQLi database

AcyMailing Enterprise FREE DOWNLOAD:


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