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Understand This Tricks To Being Able To Compete With Giant E-commerce

Along with the fast grows of e-commerce, it makes online businesses player to play faster again. The businessman with a big capital increasingly aggressive expansion in online business. This raises a number of giant e-commerce popping every time.
Online business competition becomes more intense, especially for businesses with minimal financial capital would be more severe. If you include online businesses with minimal financial capital, never be afraid to face this kind of situation. There are still many ways you can do to maximize your online business to face competition with the giant e-commerce. Make this situation as a challenge that if you could pass it certainly will grow your online business bigger.

Here are some ways that you can use to face competition with the ecommerce giant.

1. Improve the Quality of Service For Your Consumer

It is difficult to face e-commerce with abundant financial capital, but make no mistake there are still gaps that you can enter in gaining the hearts of consumers. Giant e-commerce with a big earning, it also have the potential for dissatisfaction of consumers towards the service for consumers.
It could be that consumers are not satisfied with the length of the delivery, the goods are not appropriate conditions and many more. Well, this gap must be utilized to reach consumers. Maximize the quality of your service to the consumer from any angle.
If you want to seriously compete with giant ecommerce, then focus on the customer by providing extra services to those of the competitors. Generally the most preferred by consumers is ease of access either by phone, email, and anything that can connect you with customers easily. Fast service response to the customer service friendly and fun can be a plus on your online business.

2. Faster is Better

Speed ​​and agility movements of your online business can be a major weapon to compete with the giant ecommerce. Lest you miss the info - the latest info about the product online business that you manage.
The trick is to utilize feedback from your customers, get information from them as much - much. This method can be very effective if your company has a warm relationship with the consumer.
That is, the fabric of good communication can be very useful to support the movement of your business. Technical simple it is to change some kinds of products that exist on your site based on direct input from loyal customers. Then optimize, schedule this way on a regular basis to keep up with the giant e-commerce.

3. Focus Ecommerce Product Specifications

Product specifications online business will greatly assist you in going through the competition with other large e-commerce. By taking certain market segmentation will make you more focused on just one product. It will make your online business is getting stronger and gained recognition and the most important is branding you will be flying.
It's very important, especially in the online business is still in the startup phase or future development. It is very hard to compete with large e-commerce, but if we begins with a focus on specific products will make your online business goes easy, although it also can not be said to be that "easy".

4. Make Business Being Helpful to Others

When you find it hard to compete with the giant ecommerce, running an online business is slightly different from the others could be one good way to compete. Make it your business to be useful to other people, society or anyone who can help.
Charitable donations in any form will be very memorable to your customers. Charity Bids is usually very attractive to consumers who are too busy to think about it.
For example by offering compensation program for the purchase of natural disasters with certain nominal, or it could be planting a tree, compensation orphans and many others. With further increase the usefulness of your business to others, will increasingly make consumers respect for your business. And this may still rarely carried out by the existing major ecommerce.

I know it's hard to compete against giant e-commerce, but if you try to focus and become more creative you can achieve a big success from what you've done. Never stop to learn and be friend with another successful internet marketing expert.

That's it guys ! I hope you can learn something from this post. Thanks for reading my post. You can share this post if you like it. See you on the next post !

How To Get 80$ In 30 Minutes

What we;'re gonna do here is go to mindsumo website and finish the challenge form mindsumo. Mindsumo is a website that pays user to solve problems or to provide solutions and interesting ideas from existing problems. 

On this website you can get $ 50 - $ 150 per challenge. challenge given is not too difficult. Competition level is not too high, because there is a maximum limit of a given solution. eg 30 or 40, depending on the company that put up. Chance of victory was fairly large. eg from 30 entries, there will be 8 winners, and 5 honors. So the chance to win agan agan would be 13/30 or 43%.
So, all you gonna do is just finish the challenge no need to use additional cost like any other money making method. For me it's really simple and I love to do this money making method. Here's steps to get 80$ in 30 minutes:
  • Register your account on (Promotional Code: 5DOLLAR), it will get $ 30 + $ 5 of the promo code.
  • Connect with your LinkedIn account to get $ 5.
  • Complete your profile, enter the requested information. After 85% of the information you filled, then you will get $ 5.
  • Finish any challenge, then you immediately get $ 25.
  • On the earnings section click on the ambassadors, then you get $ 10
  • Finally get $ 80, for the first withdrawal the minimum ammount is $ 100
Note: You'll need .edu email to sign up in mindsumo, because mindsumo is for students / student or educational institution.

That's it guys ! It's my simple method to make money online. I know it's hard to get .edu email this day, but If you already have .edu email making money with this method will become easier. Thanks for reading and visiting my website, please feel free to download our cracked tools. See you on the next post !

[ Wordpress Tutorial ] How To Add Google Adsense In Wordpress

Hey guys ! Today I will give you tutorial how to add google adsense in you wordpress blog / website. Google AdSense is one of the most popular ways to monetize your website. Did you know that you can easily add Google AdSense to your WordPress site and start making money? In this article, I'll show you how to add Google AdSense on WordPress along with sharing some best practices and tips to increase your income.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertising network run by Google that allows bloggers and website owners the opportunity to earn money by displaying text, images, video, and other interactive advertisements on their websites. These ads are targeted by the site's content and audience.

Google AdSense is free because you do not have to deal with advertisers or worry about the cost. Google manage and maintain relationships with advertisers. They collect payment, take part to google, and send part of it to you.

AdSense offers a cost-per-click advertising (CPC) which means that you earn money every time a user clicks on an ad on your website. The amount received per click varies based on several factors.

Getting started with AdSense

The first thing you need to do is sign up for a Google AdSense account. If you have a Gmail account, then you can use an existing account.

Once you submit your application, you will receive an email within 6-8 hours, Google will notify you if you have passed the first step of the review process. If you pass the first check, then you can sign in to your AdSense account and get your ad code.

Start by clicking the My Ads tab and then click on the New button Ad Units.

It will take you to create a new ad pages. On this page, you need to select Ad size, type, and style.
Ad name is only used for internal purposes, so you can name it as "SiteName Sidebar".

The next option is to choose Size Ad. While Google offers a wide variety of ad sizes, there are certain sizes listed below are recommended for use because most popularly used among advertisers. That means that these ads tend to have higher inventory resulting in better payment.

The next option is to select the type of ad, I recommend having composed text ads and display.

This form of advertising allows you to control the display of text-based ad unit. I recommend using a color scheme that fits your site for the best results.

Once you are finished with this setup, simply click Save. and there will be a message "Adds successfully create", and you'll also see ad Code.

Copy and paste your ad code in Notepad because you'll need it in the next step.

Adding Google AdSense on WordPress

You need to decide where you want to display ads on your website. Most often your ad appears in a sidebar. You can add the ads in the sidebar using WordPress widget.

Please go to Appearance »Widgets in your WordPress admin area. Next drag and drop widget Text widget to the right position and paste your Google AdSense code there.

Download this premium theme for increasing your adsense earning Newspaper Theme 

Frequently asked questions pertaining to Google Adsense:

Best Adsense Ad Size?

Although ad placement is key, size is also important, the best measure to use adsense is 336 × 280 and 300 × 260. These ads tend to fit on most of the screen size and has a high level of payment as well.

Where is the Best AdSense placements?

It entirely depends on the layout of your site. The goal is to get more clicks, so you want to put your ad in a more prominent place. Place ad posting articles on the top because it tends to get the most clicks. And also in the sidebar above.

Can I click on my own ads?

Beginners often tempted to click on their own ads or ask a family member / friend them to click on their ads. And do not do it. Google algorithms are very smart and know when you click on your own ads. It can get you banned from the program.

What is Page RPM?

RPM stands for Revenue per Mille means revenue per 1000 impressions. It is determined by multiplying the number of clicks and cost-per-click and then dividing by the number of pageviews.

That's it guys my short tutorial about adding adsense into your wordpress site / blog. I hope you enjoy this post. See you on the next post !

[ Adsense Tips ] 3000$ In Six Month With Google Adsense

NOTE: Although this was written in 2006, but almost all of the tips and tricks is still working, because we've the basic concept of a blogging and adsense. How far Google is change his algorithm, of course, will affect how effective these tips, but the concept is still the same developing blog.
A prerequisite for implementing this strategy are:

  • Mastering html and css can modify the div tag and its value
  • Mastering a programming language such as php asp minimal or knowing how to modify the function
  • Capable to acces the internet at least 3 hours per day
  • Capable to sit in front of the computer at least 3 hours per day outside the Internet access.
  • Do not be tempted by the offer of earning from adsense with instant way (this is mostly bullshit)
  • Willing to work hard.

First Month

Preparation phase:

  • Create a list of keywords with a minimum of 10 searches per day -> check overture or other web (You must be able to seek or find by yourself without the help of others) it will train you in searching and understand the logic of search engines
  • Select the blog or cms program that suits your skills
  • Prepare your site name, keywords, and description
  • Find the content material on the internet or in other media (offline)
  • Buy a domain and hosting
  • Build blog / site with a minimum of 30 unique content in your site / blog
These steps must be completed within 7 days (MAXIMUM)
The next step is promotions and updates

  • Post unique content, two posts per day is enough 
  • Submit a sitemap to google
  • Register to free link directory.

Do these steps on a regular basis for 3 weeks. So in one month your web is known and already have a unique visitors and revenue from adsense must be above 10 USD

The first month preparation phase or tweaking:

For Beginners:
  • Create search engine friendly urls such as for the default, it's better than
  • Register to free directory list three times a day
  • Submit your site to ocial bookmarking service once a day (digg, furl or co.ment)
  • Learn php and css, hopefully for the next month you could be tweaking to intermediate level

For Intermediate Level:

  • Add google adsense track it's for visitor analysis and see the highest referrers
  • Change the format of ads to medium large or rectangle
  • Adjust the design with color ads
  • Clean out design from tags which is doesn't really needed. Try to test in a text-based browser such as lynx and make the main content being at the top after a head meta tag

For Advance Level:

  • Place in adwords ( Check the T.O.S. is it still allowed or not )
  • Add plugin such as pingoat and other ping services
  • Do steps in beginner and intermediate levels 3 x times more
  • Create a web design which is user friendly and catching eye



You are already pass the first month so you must be can do this:

  • Mastering CSS modification
  • Mastering HTML modification
  • Mastering PHP
  • Find web directory which is suit your website
  • You have content source for your site
  • You can see the visitor trend
  • Already have multiple accounts on social bookmarking
  • You've found the ideal shape of your web syndication (approximately topics and market share that will be your viewfinder)
  • You've received a few clicks and have visitors at least 500 per day
  • You are ready to work hard and have the moral support from the people who are closest and beloved. 
  • You've been able to overcome boredom due to repetitive work in a large capacity.
  • Already have your expected earnings targets.

Preparation Phase

  • Create a simple analysis, look at your web statistic what's the most popular keywords on your site.Choose four keywords which is relate closely to your website
  • Create a website / blog with that four keywords
  • Do what you did in the first month but this time must be completed within 7 days

Execution Phase

  • Your main site must be updated as much as you can with extreme time spansSubmit your site to social bookmarking site.
  • Search for website who play in the same niche and ask for link exchange
  • Optimize your web design it must be cool (for the design will be discussed separately)
  • Do not play with quantity of your content. Always create quality content. Content is the king

Do this for your 4 new sites.1. Do exactly what you did in the first month.2. Optimize the new site

  • Create a link between the old and the new site. It will speed up indexing
  • Update content every day

Notes: If your website still do not meet the target, try to check your website with this:

  • Indexed in msn, google, and yahoo
  • Whether it have search engine friendly URL or no
  • Whether the design have been accordance with the requirements of search engines or no.
  • Unique content is 51% of the total contents
  • Whether your domain name is relevance with the content of your website or no.
  • Whether your visitors mostly from your local country or no.

That is the first two month, I'll update it later. See you on the next post !

20 Easy Ways To Earn Money Online

1. Make money linking to websites.

adfly Homepage Screenshot
Imagine if every time you shared a link you could earn money? Well you can with the AdFly link shortening service. Whenever somebody clicks on your link they’re shown a quick advert before they’re taken to the page you linked them to. You can post the links on your Twitter, Facebook, and anywhere else you usually share them. It’s a really easy way for anybody to make money online.

2. Get paid to share files.

ShareCash Hoempage Screenshot
There’s plenty of file hosts that allow you to share your things for free, but they probably don’t pay you each time they are downloaded right? Well ShareCash & CPALead do. All you need to do is upload your files & they’ll pay you anywhere between $1 to $20 each time somebody downloads them.
The catch is that in order for somebody to download it they’ll need to fill in a really quick survey, but if you’re sharing something that they want then getting them to do that shouldn’t be a problem.

3. Get paid when somebody leaves your website.

CPAlead Homepage
If you own a website or blog & somebody decides to leave without buying anything then you’re not going to make any money. However thanks to CPALead’s exit traffic tool you can even make money from the people that decide to go elsewhere.

4. Get onto the stock market (the easy way).

eToro Homepage Screenshot
The stock market can seem daunting to a newcomer and it can be an easy way to lose money if you don’t know what you’re doing. However social investment network sites like eToro make it a lot easier by allowing you to simply follow the financial trading activity of other users (preferably ones that seem to be doing well) & copy them. You can connect with others & discuss investments allowing you to quickly learn all about the stock market & discover which stocks are the ones to buy into.

5. Sell your skills.

Computer Skills
On website’s like Freelancer there’s thousands of employers looking to outsource work. Whilst there are plenty of jobs for web designers & programmers there’s also a whole load that don’t require any out of the ordinary skills. Providing you can at least read & write or enter data there’s certainly jobs on there you’ll be capable of completing. Browse through jobs, bid on any that tickle your fancy & get paid when you finish them. It really is easy as it sounds!

6. Create a gig on Fiverr.

Fiverr Homepage Screenshot
Fiverr is an online marketplace to which you can sign up & offer a service for $5. The service can be anything you like but obviously the less time consuming it is for you the better. It doesn’t take long to come up with an idea since all you need to do is have a quick look through the site & see what others are offering. The website is full of potential buyers browsing through to see what people are offering which means that if your service catches their eye you could begin generating sales almost instantly.

7. Setup an online franchise style business.

iPas2 Logo
Previously setting up an online business has been something that’s required you to have a good knowledge & understanding of computing, but not anymore thanks to the new iPAS2 system which is basically a business in a box. It provides a wealth of training videos, access to private coaching & let’s you create your own franchise style online business. It’s a fantastic system not only for those experienced with online business but also for those who are just starting out and looking to set something profitable up online. Read my own review here.

8. Make money using “Get Paid To” sites.

Making Money Online
“Get Paid To” sites like Swagbucks & Qmee will pay you for doing a all sorts of different things such as shopping, searching, playing games, watching videos, answering questions, even clicking & a whole load more. With a long list of offers & prompt payouts sites like these are a great way for anybody to make money just by carrying out simple tasks online.

9. Make money with HubPages.

HubPages Homepage
HubPages is a great & fun way for writers & enthusiasts to make money online. Their system is so easy to use that just about anybody can join up & create their very own “Hub”. It’s basically your own page on the web but once it’s published HubPages showcase it to other readers & you can start getting visitors almost instantly, your Hub can even get a chance to be featured on the homepage if it’s really good. You can create as many Hubs as you like & you can earn money from them by enabling advertisements or eBay/Amazon listings to display on the page.

10. Get paid to fill in surveys.

Survey Icon
If you’ve got a bit of spare time on your hands then answering paid surveys online is a great (and rewarding) way to fill it. The surveys are normally fairly short and sweet & you’ll earn money each time you complete one. There are a whole load of different networks such as Global Test Market, Ipsos, Swagbucks & you can sign up to as many as you like.

11. No risk matched betting.

Matched Betting Icon
I’ve always hated gambling simply because I always seem to lose, but then I came across this risk-free (and legal) technique that allows you to turn the tables on the bookmakers and make the most out of their free bets. How does it work? Well basically you’re backing something to win but also backing it draw or lose at the same odds meaning you’re matching your bet and removing the risk of losing. The first time I tried it I managed to make £15 in 30 minutes.

12. Buy and sell domain names.

Domain Names Icon
A domain name is basically the address of a website, such as “” or “”. Domain names can be worth a lot of money and there’s a huge market for them which is only ever growing by the day. As an example Facebook recently bought “” for a reported 8.5 million dollars. If you’re lucky you might be able to think of a great domain that nobodies registered yet which would allow you to purchase it much cheaper (you can check availability here), or you could buy & sell existing domains in marketplaces such as Sedo, Godaddy Auctions & Flippa.

13. Get paid to shop online.

Quidco Homepage Screenshot
By using cashback websites like TopCashBack or Quidco you can get paid for shopping online. Sites like these work with a whole load of retailers & when you shop with them rather than going to the retailers own website they get paid a commission. Being the generous folks that they are they then give some of that commission back to you in the form of “cashback”.

14. Create your own blog.

Don’t think that you have to be a tech whiz to get started blogging. With sites like WordPress it’s actually fairly easy & in just a couple of clicks you could have your very own blog set up on the web. Blogging is great because not only is it fun to write about things you enjoy but there’s also quite a bit of money to be made if your blog starts attracting a lot of visitors.

15. Become an affiliate.

Affiliate Icon
It’s really easy to get started making money as an affiliate with sites like ShareASale & it can be very rewarding indeed with some companies willing to pay over $100 just for 1 successful purchase. As an affiliate you’ll basically be selling other companies products or services for them & receiving a commission each time you manage to do so. The companies will give you a tracking link & instead of sending people directly to their website via their normal web address you simply send them through your affiliate link instead. That way they can track the sale back to you & credit your account.

16. Flip websites.

Flippa Homepage
“Flipping” websites is were you buy (or build) & sell websites purely to make a profit. With huge free to join marketplaces like Flippa it’s really easy to get into & there’s certainly a lot of money to be made. A lot of the sites can sell for over 5 figures, some of which are often only relatively new. You can buy established sites in an attempt to hold them for a while & hope their value will increase or you can develop websites from scratch in the hope that they’ll interest buyers & sell for a good profit.

17. Become a Microworker.

Microworkers Homepage Screenshot
Even if you’ve only got a couple of minutes to spare there’s still a way you can earn money & that’s by joining Microworkers. On Microworkers employers post really small jobs that they need completing such as taking a screenshot of their website on your computer or filling in a short sign up form. Tasks pay out around $0.01 to $3 depending on how long they take to complete but each task will tell you how much it pays & how long it’s expected to take beforehand so that you can pick and choose your jobs.

18. Make money from YouTube.

YouTube Homepage Screenshot
YouTube‘s a great site to begin earning money from since all you need is a video camera & a bit of imagination. When you upload your videos you can enable adverts & get paid each time somebody watches them. With over a billion people visiting YouTube every single month finding viewers for your videos isn’t all that difficult, and if they’re a hit they could quickly go viral overnight earning you a nice bit of money!

19. Get paid to search.

Qmee Homepage Screenshot
Using sites like Qmee you can actually get paid to search on sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon & eBay. All you need to do is simply install the Qmee app & search like normal. Qmee will place a few of their own search results alongside your normal ones & if you decide your interested in one of the results Qmee have displayed then you can click on it & collect your reward.

20. Write an eBook.

eBook Icon
If you enjoy writing then publishing your own eBook can be a great way to earn money. In 2012 eBooks generated more sales than hardcovers & it’s now estimated that they make up for around a quarter of all book sales. Websites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo all have their own self publishing services which means that getting your eBook published isn’t as difficult as you might think, in fact it’s actually fairly easy.


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