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Why Your SEO Strategy Always Fails ?

One time I read an article from someone claiming to be 'SEO experts' who say that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has come to an end for the era of Google Penguin algorithm. I was quite shocked to read his article (sorry I did not include the source link, please search on google) and had felt a little 'down' because SEO is one of my skills in the world of internet marketing. My site experienced a significant decline in the SERP google search engine, and make traffic and earnings fell drastically. I had thought that the article was true, that it SEO techniques was finished for good.
Then me and some friends to dig deeper and do some research experiments regarding changes in the google search engine. And I found some information and the fact that the actual SEO techniques can still be relied upon, but need to be modified. Then you might ask why your SEO strategy fail? Here are some reasons why you apply SEO strategy did not work or even leave a bad impact on your website:

1. Your Website Suck

This is a reality that is often the case in the era of google algorithm panda and penguin! Nowadays SEO is not just about the backlinks that much but more than that, now google bot also look at the quality of your website. You must have quality content in order to win the attention of google. In addition Google also pay attention to user activity on your website and social media. If you do not have content that is preferred by your user or an ugly look and navigation, chances are your website will get in trouble in the SERP, especially google.

2. You're Using The Old SEO Tactics

Google search engine algorithms or other search engines are constantly changing from time to time, because it is done SEO tactics also change from time to time, adjusted for changes in search engine algorithms. SEO campaign is not up to date could have a negative impact on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) website, always doing SEO campaign up to date to keep your website SERP position.

3. Choosing Your Niche Too Hard

Choose a niche that is too hard is a risk to your business because you will definitely deal with other competitors who may have been very popular with the niche. You will be competing with websites large and well-known brands that are trusted by the search engines, you may feel ready to compete but this will be something that makes you frustrated, and you should be ready with it.

4. You Do not Have Tools To Analyze Your Website and Track Goal

Maybe you do not want to be bothered to install the analysis tools on your site, but how can you know your website traffic and your goal is reached if your website is not installed tools to analyze it? Installing Google Analytics on your website is a must if you want to succeed in your SEO campaign, so that you know what your goals are achieved and what is the appropriate strategy for your SEO campaign.

5. Focus Keywords Your Site Too Narrow

Focus on a niche is a good choice, but if you choose keywords (keywords) that are too narrow or rarely sought through search engine traffic it is most likely that you will get very little. You need a bit of expanding keywords your site to get a chance to reach a wider audience, but still remains on your niche.

6. Build Backlinks With The Wrong Way

Build backlinks is something that is recommended for SEO activity, we all agree about this! But in the era of panda and penguin algorithm, you are not recommended to build backlinks by a long way at will. You may never tempted by backlinks service that offers 10,000 backlinks in a short time and enough to pay Rp 100,000, - WOW! If you ever use the service during the panda and penguin, I can guess the results ... most likely your SEO campaign failed! To build a healthy backlinks to your website, you should pay attention to the quality of backlinks, and should look natural.

7. You Are Not Using Social Media

I believe that almost everyone has social media accounts such as twitter, facebook, pinterest, google plus, and others. If you have a website but do not have one social media accounts, I think this is a big mistake ... it too! If you do SEO campaign and think can win the competition SEO without using social media, then I can say that you're fooling yourself!

8. You Are Impatience

It is unfortunate that the SEO process does not happen quickly. You do all the effort in the right way but perhaps the results you expect is not visible in a matter of days or weeks or even months. There is no definite time when SEO campaign you will see the results, but I say that the true effort and patience is a must that be done by a webmaster, even when you do not get the results in time you have to keep doing your SEO as well as possible.

That's some facts why your SEO strategy always fails. I hope you can learn a big thing from this post. Don't ever give up and always work smarter not harder. See you on the next post !

3 Reasons Choosing YouTube For Your Business Marketing Strategy

In business, we can not just rely on one or two marketing techniques-that's all year round. World that continues to change course will make you as a businessman should be able to adapt to the changes around you. One big change is happening in the world today and has a strong influence is the social media.
Social media has now become its own phenomenon has indeed been stout changed the face of the world, including the business world. If in the past you may only sell products or goods through direct marketing techniques to the consumer so now you do not need to bother to go to a consumer, but you can do it away from direct contact with the online way. Yes, how online is a very effective strategy in today's marketing business. The level of effectiveness and efficiency has encouraged the rapid rising online marketing.
Online marketing tools that can be selected by the business are manifold. Starting from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and which can not be underestimated again is YouTube. With millions of video content and its millions of users, YouTube became one of the media campaign that should be taken into account by the businessmen. Then why entrepreneurs should start using YouTube in terms of marketing or marketing. Here's the reason.

1. Effective To Promote Your Business

With the number of users has now reached 1 billion more make YouTube into one of the effective means to attract more prospective customers for a business. Especially with video content that is identical to YouTube, then the message you desire can be conveyed properly and interesting.
Of course, to produce videos that appeal to business promotion, you have to be creative and continue to learn the techniques of good shots. Someone professionalism is needed in network marketing through YouTube, and therefore the equipment such as video recorder, light background and the model is also a determinant. Do not forget to pay attention to the script that will be displayed if you are going to use it.
For optimal results, you also have to make sure that you choose a unique title and keyword optimized according potentially the most likely typed in a search. Include links that point to your website or blog so that you get traffic from it.

2. It Can Maximize Website SEO

The next thing that makes Youtube should be a choice in marketing your business is its impact on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) your business website. Yes, since by the company Google acquired YouTube in November 2006, a video-based social networking has indeed been placed and will always appear on the top pages of the search engine Google as a special menu. So if you are relying on your online marketing with SEO strategies, from now on you may not ever skip Youtube.
With the combination of website and Youtube channel content you have, the great potential you look at the top page of Google search will be more wide open. By becoming the top in a Google search, of course, you will be more likely to attract more consumers and customers for your business.

3. The YouTube Partner Program

Lastly, the thing that makes YouTube should be an option in your marketing technique is the presence of a YouTube partner program. Yes, since 2007, YouTube had indeed been officially launch partner program or partnership for any of its users to be able to make money. By joining this partnership program, users will be able to earn up to $ 9,000 if the video gets aired over two million views.
With this great advantage, then you can do two things simultaneously benefit your business. Apart from being a media video of business marketing, you can also get other income from program partner of YouTube. However, to be glimpsed in this program, you can not play, you have to seriously work on your channel.

That's it about Youtube For Business Marketing. I hope this post will give a big benefit for you. If you have something to say please feel free to write in comment section. See you on the next post !

False Myths About Search Engine Optimization

I often smile to myself when I read comments about the beginner SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Not to say that I have great or SEO expert, but indeed I've been quite a long time studying the development and changes in SEO, and many are not in accordance with some of the myths circulating among SEO experts.
There is a unique quote I've ever read on the internet, written like this:

   " Be careful with those who had a wrong knowledge, it is even more dangerous than a folly "

In the world of online marketing (particularly SEO), it is often the case. For example a company spends a lot of time to optimize their own websites, but in fact they do it the wrong way. Or someone in the online marketing industry makes a false statement about SEO that makes his company look incompetent. In fact, many false myths about SEO.
The beginners are often blamed the changes of Google Algorithm Search Engines which is updated regularly. Even some people have mentioned that a search engine algorithm updates is only a trick  in order to satisfy the advertisers in Google Adwords. Actually blog webmaster tools already warned webmasters that optimize their website with appropriately. And there is a warning / ban of buying and selling links to others to get a Page Rank (PR).

Here are some false myths about SEO:

1. Got Rank 1 in Google is The Most Important

It is well positioned in the search engines will greatly help increase traffic because the number of clicks to our website will be bigger, but that does not mean it is the most important thing in online marketing. And the actual position in the search engines is not always a guarantee clicks to your website will always be good, but indeed this could be a good starting point for your marketing campaign online.
This is now a regular Google search engine algorithm update them thereby affecting their search results. Websites / blogs that have relevant content, with user-friendly listings in the search engines usually performs better. Theoretically website that ranks # 3 or # 4 in Google search results can only get more clicks than websites that are in position # 1.
Other articles: 200 Factors Influencing Website Ranking in Google

2. All the Webmaster and IT People Can Do SEO

Now this kind of thinking we often found on business owners who want to optimize their website in search engines. The fact that not all webmaster or IT person at the office / company you understand about SEO.
Suppose you hire a web designer or a webmaster to make your business website. Maybe they can do some things that relate to optimization of your website, for example, make arrangements XML Site Map, redirects, and create robots.txt to your website, but they are not necessarily understood to optimize your website in the search engines. As well as recourse to an electrician to repair the damaged computer.

3. SEO Website, Just Do It Only Once

Honestly, I am several times a SEOers read Facebook status saying that they have finished optimization (SEO) of their website and was quite satisfied with the results. In my opinion, SEO is not a job that no end point, because your competitors do the same, constantly optimize their website.
In addition, Google also always update the search results, so that their search results may change from time to time. SEO is a process that runs continuously and requires an investment of time and effort on a periodic basis.

4. SEO and Social Media Has Nothing to Do COMPLETELY

Apparently quite a lot of you know SEO experts who think that social media has nothing to do at all with SEO. In fact, search engines provide a special assessment on web pages that have an element of authority in social media. This is why then there is the term Social Search, due to social media and SEO are closely related.
An example that we can see is the effort made by the Google to develop a social media Google+ and Google Authorship. Relevant content and come from reliable sources (authors who have authority) will greatly affect the results of a Google search, and content shared on social media a lot more believable. So, they have (SEO and Social Media) is something that can not be separated.

5. The More Backlinks The More Better SEO

Google continues to update on their algorithms, and even some of these changes make a lot of website SEO players 'sprawl' even disappear from the Google search page. After all the changes made by Google in their algorithm, inbound links (backlinks) remains one of the determining factors ranking of a website in search engine Google. However, if you only focus on link building then it is like digging a 'grave' for your own website. Links to your website can indeed grow rapidly, but not necessarily with good quality.
Invest the time and money to build more quality content. This will help the success of a website / blog for the long term, for example by creating interesting articles in your business blog, or invite guest writers, and others. But it is not enough just to write articles, we also have to have a goal in each article are built.

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6. The H1 tag is the Key to Successful SEO

This myth actually already quite old school. SEOers many people believe that the key to success in SEO is the H1 tag (the title). The structure of the content on the pages of our website has become one of the very important factors for success in the Google SERP, and the audience too, of course. At one point H1 is very important, but the search engines are always learning and make adjustments necessary.
SEO offender old school type usually too focused on H1, and often impose enter keywords into H1 so impressed SPAM. Now this practice as it is not so effective (although H1 still affect SEO), which is more important is the information in the pages of our website relevant to the topics discussed.

7. The More Google index the better

Until now there are many who think that the major indexes on Google's website is a sign that we are getting quality website. I think this is an erroneous understanding enough. Some bloggers use tags much for one page article on their website, in the hope of all the tags that will be indexed and generate greater traffic.
The problem is, we often put a lot of keywords for tags without regard to the relevance of the keywords in the content or topics covered. Indeed, the index of the website will increase rapidly due to the use of tags that much of this. But then when the
Google search engine found that these tags do not relate to the content, it is likely that the index will be removed or even the content pages will get into trouble in the SERP. This is not something definite, but I better avoid it than to take risks.

8. SEO Is A Mysterious Art and Uncertain

Ok, I agree that the position of a web page in Google SERP mutable and can be changed at any time. However, there is a tendency that is always the case, and certainly, Google SERP always strive to provide the most relevant results for their users. And Google's search results are always getting better from day to day, they display the web page that contains content most relevant and useful to users. What does it mean? SEO it was not mysterious, it is not certain but there are trends.
If you or your company in collaboration with the person / company SEO services to optimize your business website, you should get involved. Your input is important for the SEO services company, since SEO is not just a series of optimization measures that can be applied to any niche. It's important for them to understand about your business, understand competitors, to find a strategy that can increase conversions for your business continuously.

I hope after reading this article you won't try to do something fool with your website SEO. Just let it be natural, and google will love your website. Don't wory about not being in the first page of google search engine, just keep posting an useful content and people will back again to your website to looking for another useful content. Thanks for reading guys ! See you on the next post !

Understand This Tricks To Being Able To Compete With Giant E-commerce

Along with the fast grows of e-commerce, it makes online businesses player to play faster again. The businessman with a big capital increasingly aggressive expansion in online business. This raises a number of giant e-commerce popping every time.
Online business competition becomes more intense, especially for businesses with minimal financial capital would be more severe. If you include online businesses with minimal financial capital, never be afraid to face this kind of situation. There are still many ways you can do to maximize your online business to face competition with the giant e-commerce. Make this situation as a challenge that if you could pass it certainly will grow your online business bigger.

Here are some ways that you can use to face competition with the ecommerce giant.

1. Improve the Quality of Service For Your Consumer

It is difficult to face e-commerce with abundant financial capital, but make no mistake there are still gaps that you can enter in gaining the hearts of consumers. Giant e-commerce with a big earning, it also have the potential for dissatisfaction of consumers towards the service for consumers.
It could be that consumers are not satisfied with the length of the delivery, the goods are not appropriate conditions and many more. Well, this gap must be utilized to reach consumers. Maximize the quality of your service to the consumer from any angle.
If you want to seriously compete with giant ecommerce, then focus on the customer by providing extra services to those of the competitors. Generally the most preferred by consumers is ease of access either by phone, email, and anything that can connect you with customers easily. Fast service response to the customer service friendly and fun can be a plus on your online business.

2. Faster is Better

Speed ​​and agility movements of your online business can be a major weapon to compete with the giant ecommerce. Lest you miss the info - the latest info about the product online business that you manage.
The trick is to utilize feedback from your customers, get information from them as much - much. This method can be very effective if your company has a warm relationship with the consumer.
That is, the fabric of good communication can be very useful to support the movement of your business. Technical simple it is to change some kinds of products that exist on your site based on direct input from loyal customers. Then optimize, schedule this way on a regular basis to keep up with the giant e-commerce.

3. Focus Ecommerce Product Specifications

Product specifications online business will greatly assist you in going through the competition with other large e-commerce. By taking certain market segmentation will make you more focused on just one product. It will make your online business is getting stronger and gained recognition and the most important is branding you will be flying.
It's very important, especially in the online business is still in the startup phase or future development. It is very hard to compete with large e-commerce, but if we begins with a focus on specific products will make your online business goes easy, although it also can not be said to be that "easy".

4. Make Business Being Helpful to Others

When you find it hard to compete with the giant ecommerce, running an online business is slightly different from the others could be one good way to compete. Make it your business to be useful to other people, society or anyone who can help.
Charitable donations in any form will be very memorable to your customers. Charity Bids is usually very attractive to consumers who are too busy to think about it.
For example by offering compensation program for the purchase of natural disasters with certain nominal, or it could be planting a tree, compensation orphans and many others. With further increase the usefulness of your business to others, will increasingly make consumers respect for your business. And this may still rarely carried out by the existing major ecommerce.

I know it's hard to compete against giant e-commerce, but if you try to focus and become more creative you can achieve a big success from what you've done. Never stop to learn and be friend with another successful internet marketing expert.

That's it guys ! I hope you can learn something from this post. Thanks for reading my post. You can share this post if you like it. See you on the next post !

7 Important Factors In On-Page SEO Blog, Check Every Page Of Your Site!

It has been painstakingly write articles on the blog but has not been able to appear as well in the search engines. Already struggling hunt for backlink but not yet entered page 1? Perhaps the problem is on-page SEO on your web page.

For those who do not understand, I explain a little bit about on-page SEO. In general, SEO divided into two, namely on-page and off-page. Off-page SEO means we optimize beyond our own website, for example by finding backlinks.

SEO on-page is the opposite of the off-page, we optimize from within our own website. Many people often forget on-page SEO factors blog. As a result, any links that are built, the website has not yet entered page # 1 of Google.

For those who experience this, please check the articles on your blog by following these seven lists:

1. Title Page and Article Title

The page title is one of the main keys of the on-page SEO. Usually when we do a search on Google, the title of the page is displayed with a large size blue. This shows the importance of the page title.

Usually the same page title with the title of the article. But for Wordpress users, the title page with the title of the article can be distinguished with the help of WordPress SEO plugin or All-in-one SEO Pack.

Recommended Wordpress SEO Plugin: Yoast SEO Plugin

Differentiating the title page with the title of the article can sometimes help SEO because we can optimize page titles with specific keywords without changing the title of the article in order to remain readable.

2. Meta Description

Meta description that some words or phrases that appear under the title of the page in Google's search results. With SEO plugin I mentioned above, we can change the meta description for each article so that we can target the keywords we want.

In addition to the benefit of SEO, writing good meta description can also help people who do a search on a search engine. By writing the meta description, Google users will be able to read the key points of our web page in search engines.

3. URL

Make sure the keywords we are targeting appear in the URL and no typographical errors. For WordPress users, the format of the URL can be set via the Settings menu> Permalink. Moreover URL can also be changed manually every time we edit articles. For the purposes of SEO, sorter URL is better.

4. Content Optimization

Three factors above each important to support SEO, but the most important is the content. There are two main types of errors of content optimization. The first is less optimized, the latter actually excessive optimization.
For the first error, lack of optimization, there are usually several causes. For example, the article is too short so it is not considered important by Google. Good article usually has 500 words, minimal. In addition, the article we may not contain targeted keywords.
The second mistake, too many optimizations, are often carried out by bloggers. The most common is to use keyword targeted most. So many, to the extent that the article is not good anymore to read because the sentences imposed. Coupled with the 'trimmings' such as bold, italic, and understrike.
If we look back at the years 2009-2010, excessive optimization like this might still be a positive impact. But  Google is increasingly sophisticated algorithm, excessive optimization it will decrease the quality of the website.
As I wrote on my website, good articles written by humans for humans, not search engines. In addition to SEO, article writing is good and true also of course have a positive impact on readers.

5. Images and Other Media

Many peoples debates about the image, whether it is influential for SEO or not. What is clear, images and other media such as video is quite important for blogs that are not monotonous.

As well as articles, images can also be optimized redundant. For example, by using the keyword as the title picture + alternative tags. To be safe, give the title according to the picture and the use of alternative tags to describe the image briefly.

Recommended Image SEO Plugin: 1 click image ranker

6. Internal Link

Internal link structure of a website can help make it more SEO friendly. What is meant by internal links are links between each of the relevant articles in one website. For example, in the article we discuss a little bit about the article B. Give the link of the article A to article B, something like this could have a positive impact for SEO.

Avoid doing internal links when the article is not relevant at all, do it naturally. Do not also put a link to the same page. Besides useless, can also interfere with the reader. Feature 'categories' and 'tags' on the WordPress platform should also be used to build a solid structure of the blog.

7. Time Loading

Google love with short loading time website. They themselves had stated that the search results are also prioritize rapid website. There are several factors that determine the length of time loading.

A. The size of the page: Influenced by design, scripts, images, and other media. Reduce the use of images and scripts such as Java Script moreover Flash to speed up website loading. Selection of the blog template should also be lightweight.

B. hosting services:
For the blog hosting in Web 2.0 such as Blogspot,, Tumblr, or the like, it does not matter. But for those who use self hosting service, you should use quality hosting.

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That's 7 things which I always check every time a new article published on my blog. Have your article is optimized for on-page SEO?
Thanks for reading guys ! Keep reading our post, see you on the next post ! 

[ GET ] GSA Email Spider | Email Scraping Tools

Hey guys ! Today I will give you the best email scraping tools. As an internet marketer maybe collecting email form all around the world is really important for maximizing your product promotion. If you do it manually it will really make you tired, sitting in front of the computer just for searching email. With this tools for collecting email and send your product promotion could be done with a simple click. And today I will give it for you !

What is GSA Email Spider ?

Collect and extract emails, phone and fax numbers from all websites around the world only with simple click! The websites will be analyzed by this gsa email spider using the keyword you entered as search string. The program will scraping, grab, crawl, rip, harvest, extract and parse for the items.

You can also possible to send an email to your new customers within the program automatically making it the ultimate tool for online marketing and mass mailing (but should not be used to spam).

It provides benefits to your business and dramatically open up your new customer base with easy advertising!
 Another Great Product From GSA: GSA Search Engine Ranker

GSA Email Spider Features:

  • Extract emails from a starting web site
  • In addition to the email grabber you can search for phone and fax numbers
  • Send emails automated to your new customers
  • Harvest emails with the help of search engines (300+ included)
  • Support for https web sites
  • Support for SSL-only email providers (like google mail)
  • Send emails directly with internal smtp server
  • Javascript analysis to find protected email addresses
  • Protection from anti spider engines (e.g. random user agent)
  • Collect emails with their extra data (e.g. address)
  • Many filters to only extract emails you want
  • Very fast processing (with 100 threads you can easily extract 500 new emails a minute)
  • Multilingual support (English and German for now)
GSA Email Spider Free Download Link:

200 Factors Which Influence Rank On Google Search Engine

SEO activists must have known that Google uses about 200 factors to determine the ranking of a website in their search results. What are these factors? Some SEO experts give opinions that controversy, there are proven, and some are just speculation. According to an article published on the website, these 200 factors that affect the ranking of a website in Google.Tighten the belt and grab a snack because this article will be quite long. Check this out!

A. Domain Factors

1. Age Domain; On a video released by Matt Cutts (head of Google's spam) stated that domain age influential in determining the ranking of a website in Google, but the effect is not too large.

"The difference between a domain that's six months old verses one year old is really not that big at all." ~ Matt Cutts

2. Keyword Appearing in the Top Level Domain; The effect is not too large as it did on SEO in the past, but the keywords in the domain will give a signal that a domain is relevant to those keywords. Currently there are many who use keywords in their domain.

3. Keyword Set In First Word In Domain; As I've mentioned in the article SEO MOZ, domains containing keywords on the first word in the domain has advantages in terms of SEO compared with domains that are not found in the root domain keywords or putting keywords in the middle / end of the domain.

4. The Registrar Domain Registration Range; Usually the domain has the value will be registered in a fairly long time span, for example 3-5 years at a time. Unlike domain for websites registered doorway is usually not more than one year."Valuable (legitimate) domains are Often paid for Several years in advance, while doorway (illegitimate) domains rarely are used for more than a year. Therefore, the date when a domain expires in the future can be used as a factor in predicting the legitimacy of a domain ". ~ Google's Patent

5. Keywords In the Subdomain name; Moz based panels, keywords contained in the subdomain will affect the SEO of a website, for example subdomain

6. Domain Ownership History; History of ownership of a domain can affect SEO. Some sites to check the ownership of the site, such as will provide information on the ownership of a domain to Google and Google could have reset the history or the history of the domain, for example, negating backlinks once refers to the domain.

7. Exact Match Domain (EMD); Some time ago the Google gives a penalty on sites with domain EMD, but this only applies to sites of poor quality. If you build a good quality website with useful content, EMD will continue to provide benefits in terms of SEO.

8. Private vs Public WhoIs; WhoIs is configured Private is an indication that something is "hidden". According to Matt Cutts enable private WhoIs does not automatically reflect badly on the website. But this could have an effect on the 'Trust' or customer's own search engine on a website."... When I checked the whois on them, they all had" whois privacy protection service "on them. That's are relatively unusual. ... Having whois privacy turned on is not automatically bad, but once you get Several of Reviews These factors all together, you're Often talking about a very different type of webmaster than the fellow who just has a single site or so. "~ Matt Cutts

9. Name Own Domain Affected Penalty: Google can know the name of the owner of a website with the help of WhoIs (or perhaps with their own software). Well if Google identifies a person is spammer, this could result in the name of the domain owner a penalty, of course, after doing research on some Google domains owned by that name.

10. Country TLD Extension; Domains with the extension of certain countries, for example, .us, .it, will help improve the ranking of the website in certain countries, but it will limit the ability of the website to rank globally.

B. Page-Level Factor

11. Keywords in the Title Tag; In addition to the content, title tags or title page of a website is one thing that is very important in SEO. Title tags can have a big impact on the SEO strength of a web page.

12. Title Tag begins with Keyword; According to the data shown by Moz, Title Tag that began with the targeted keywords tend to give better results than the title with keywords at the end of the Title Tag.

13. Keywords in Tag Description; Description of web pages containing the keywords is another relevance that need our attention. It is not too much of an impact, but it will make a positive difference.

14. Addition of keywords in H1 Tags: H1 tag is "Title tag second" which will help provide a signal to Google that a web page is relevant to a particular topic, read correlation studies here.

15. Keyword Use in Document: Add keywords on every document in the web page will also give a signal that the documents are relevant to certain keywords. For example, add keywords to images or PDF files in web pages.

16. Content Length; Article content with the number of words more and more widely recommended as compared to short shallow article. According SERPIQ, content length and in more advantaged in Google SERP.

17. Keywords density; Keyword density is taken into account by Google in determining the relevance of a page to a topic. But do not use it much because it can damage the SEO of your website pages.

18. Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords in Content (LSI); Until this day LSI keywords still have a role in SEO. LSI keywords to help search engines to identify keywords that have more than one meaning, eg fruit company Apple vs. Apple.

19. LSI keywords in the Title and Description Tags; Just as the Web page content, LSI keywords in the Title and Description Tags can help Google differentiate keywords have synonyms. It also acts as a signal relevancy.

20. Loading Speed Of Web pages via HTML; Google and Bing search engines use website page loading speed as one of the factors determining the ranking of a page. Search engine spiders can estimate how much the speed of a website based on the code page of the website and also large files on the website.

21. Duplicate Content; Content that is identical or only slightly modified, can only have a negative impact on a website in the search engines.

22. Rel = Canonical: Use this tag in the right way. Use of this tag will help prevent Google assumes no duplicate content on a website. Read more HERE.

23 Pages Speed in Chrome; Google can also use the data from the Google Chrome browser users to obtain data on the speed of loading a website, CDN usage, and web speed associated with other non-HTML.

24. Image Optimization; By adding keywords in the Alt, a title, a description of the image, then it will send a signal to search engines that the image is relevant to a particular keyword.

25. Recency of Content Updates; Google Caffeine Update liked the content is always up to date, especially for the latest news content and much sought after. Google typically displays the date of the last update on a particular web page.

26. The amount of the Content Update; The amount of edits and changes to a web page is one of the important factors. Add or remove specific portions of web pages have more influence than simply replacing a few words or sentences.

27. History Update Page: Google is also considering the freshness of content in a website. How often is the website updated from time to time, whether every day, week, month, or every year?

28. Keyword Prominence; Adding keywords on the first 100 words at the beginning of the paragraph would be a strong signal that the content is relevant to a particular topic.

29. Keywords in H2 and H3; Insert relevant keywords in subheading H2 or H3 could be an additional signal that the content is relevant to a particular topic.

30. Keyword Word Order; Search by keyword match exacth contained in the content is usually better than using keywords that are somewhat different. For example the user type in the keyword "accurate strategy to build backlinks", web pages optimized with keywords "surefire strategy to build backlinks" would be better than the rank pages optimized with keywords "Building backlinks with proven strategies". That is why keyword research is very important.

31. Quality of Outbound links: Provides links to sites on subjects relevant Authority considered to increase trust Google to a website.

32. Outbound links Theme; According Moz, search engines such as Google can assume your website is relevant to the website that you provide a link. For example, your website is about Internet marketing and provides links to websites whose content is about furniture, this could give a signal to Google that your website is about furniture not tentan internet marketing.

33. Grammar & Spelling; Grammar and spelling were also included in the calculation in determining the ranking in Google. We recommend that you always use the grammar and spelling of raw untu your website content.

34. Content Syndication; Does the content on your blog / website unique / original? If your content is derived from the results of scraping or copied from other web pages that have been indexed in Google, we can be sure your content is not going to get a good position in search engines.

35. Additional Content yanng Helpful; According to Google Rater Guidelines, additional useful content is an indicator of the quality of a web page. For example tools currency converter, calculator lending and interactive recipes.

36. Number of Outbound Links: Too many OBL with dofollow rail could result in 'LEAK' Page Rank, and this could undermine the position of the web page in the Google SERP.

37. Multimedia; Add pictures, video and other multimedia elements can add to the quality of the content.

38. The number of internal links to page Specific; The number of internal links to one of the pages on your website indicates that the page is important and is still associated topic.

39. Internal Quality Link Toward Specific Pages: Internal links from pages that have authority in a domain has a stronger effect than with no or low PR pages.

40. Broken Links: Do not let no broken links on your website. Too many broken link is a sign that the website is negligible. Google Rater Guidelines Document using the broken links as one of the indicators in assessing the quality of a website.

41. Reading Level; Google can estimate the level of ease of reading a page of content in a website. But there is much debate about what they do on such information.Some people say the content is easy to read visitor (basic level) can help SEO because it is more interesting to read. According to SEO Linchpin, reading level one of the factors that differentiate between quality web content factory.

42. Affiliate Link: Insert Affiliate link on the web page will not hurt your website rankings in the SERP. If the affiliate link rather a lot in the website, the Google algorithm may be concerned about the quality of your website on the other hand to ensure that your website is not Abal Abal sites.

43. Errors HTML / W3C validation; Many mistakes were careless HTML or coding is a sign that the quality of the website is not considered. Although still pros and cons, many SEO experts who say that the W3C validation is one of the important signals in SEO.

44. Domain Authority Website; Website page which has a high domain authority will get priority in Google SERP compared to his website domain authority is low.

45. PageRank website; Although not a benchmark, but generally web pages that have high PR tend to get better rankings in Google SERP compared PR web page that is low.

46. ​​Long URL Page Website; According to records at Search Engine Journal, a website with a long URL is not good rank in the search engines.

47. URL Path; Page posts or pages that are close to the homepage tend to get increased authority.

48. Human Editors; Although there has been no confirmation from Google about this, Google has filed a patent for a system that allows the Human Editors affect Google SERP.

49. Page Category; Page category is one of the signals of relevance between the content. Pages that are part of the relevant category will gain increased relevance compared to other pages in the category that is unrelated or less related.

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50. Label/Tags: Tags are signals of relevance to the more specific WordPress website. According, the only way to improve the SEO of your website is by linking the content with other content, and more specifically the group of posts that are linked to one another is made in the tags (marks) 


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