Build Autoblog Clickbank And Earn $$$

Hey guys ! I wanna share how to build autoblog clickbank and make money from it. This method is blackhat method and do it only if you think this is really worth it. I play quantity not quality. Why I choose to play with quantity ? This is simple and don't waste your time and energy you just need about 4 hours a day. Start working smarter not harder. This is my method.

1. Install Wordpress in you account

2. Choose an Exact Match Domain

3. Download and install CB Goliath and theme FROM HERE

4. Enter your keyword, choose category from clickbank, choose how many post you want in a week , then click"Scheduled New Posts!"

5. CB Goliath will grab products from clickbank market place including the title, meta description and text from the salesletter.

6. Submit your web into google webmaster. Submit your sitemap and fetch as google to help google indexing your webpage.

7. There is no step no. 7. Just build another blog as much as you can.

That's my blackhat method in clickbank affiliate world. I hope this method will give you a lot of $$$. Remember If you feel this method is worth it just do it again and again, stop wasting your time searching for another method. Okay guys, thanks fro visiting and downloading form my web. Cheers !

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