[ Wordpress Tutorial ] 3 Steps To Securing WordPress Blog / Website

Maybe it is often discussed in many other blogs on WordPress securing step, but it does not hurt myself as well write it here. Because I believe it is never enough appealed only once!

What hacker can get from breaking into our website?

Perhaps for those who have a blog with unimportant contents such as poem or just regular notes, securing their website is not really worth it. Maybe they think it's useless to breaking their website, because they don't have any important data. That's wrong !

For criminal hacker, everything could be important, our emails (which is we use it for many other sites), the data commentator or anything they can use. Even it's more dangerous than breaking into our blog, they could take over the entire server, it could be other websites which is hosted in the same server this website may be very important for the owner website got hacked too.

3 Steps To Securing WordPress

Before writing this post I see the log in my own dashboard (on my other site), one security plugins that I use
noted there's 890 IP attempting to break my website.

890 is a big number, you can imagine how many evil guy out there who try to steal important data form our website. Mostly all of them use bruto force attack. I hope by reading this you'll understand how important it is to securing our blog from criminal hacker. Okay guys, let's go with our 3 steps to securing our wordpress blog / website.

1. Use non-default DB prefix

Never use wp_ in your DB prefix. I'll never use that because I believe using that default DB prefix will make our web vulnerable to SQL injection attack.

2.Never Use "ADMIN" For Username And Make Complicated Password

Never use "ADMIN" as your username, 890 brute force attacker who try to break my website, they use "ADMIN" as username. And make a complicated password for your website. Something like "r098ckjhslik7675%%$$". Trust me it works well.

3.Install Wordpress Security Plugin

There's a lot of wordpress security plugin for your website. One of my recommended plugin is Limit Login Attempt. Also you can check our web for downloading premium security plugin for free. It will make your website become more powerful to fight againts your web attacker.

That's it guys 3 steps to securing wordpress blog / website. I hope you enjoy this post. See you on the next post !


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