[ Wordpress Tutorial ] How To Build Online Store With Wordpress

For those of you who want to build a profitable online business, one of the ways that we can do is to build an online store or online shop. This online store we can use to sell our own products or it could be to sell other people's products to resellers or dropship system.
Actually, we could have been directly marketing the product in social media, such as Facebook and don't need to build our own online store. But I think this way is not effective for the long term. It would be better to build an online store and promote our online store is in social media. In this way we can build the brand and look more professional in building a long term business on the internet.
For most people who still newbie, build an online store is something that is very difficult and confusing. However, actually create an online store for business is not as difficult as imagined as long as you are willing to learn. WordPress is one of the platforms that we can use to build a professional online store, and all we need to prepare is the domain name for a website, hosting, and also themes for the online store.
Wolfcrackcrew will share a little bit about how to make online shop for dropship businesses using WordPress as a platform. The steps are not difficult, but requires a bit of precision that online stores are built to the maximum. It should be noted, in this article we recommend the special theme for the online store in order to look and function can work well as you wish.

Here is step to step how to create a professional online store by utilizing the WordPress platform:

1. Prepare the Domain Name and Hosting

To build a website online store of course we must have a unique domain name that will be the
business brand. This domain name is very important because it will be the identity of our business on the internet, so do not arbitrarily choose a domain name for your online store. To purchase a domain, we can choose some well-known registrer like Namecheap.com, Domain.com, Name.com.
We also need to prepare for storing data base hosting for our online stores that we are building. We recommend using the services of a hosting provider that has a good reputation so that your online store can operate with a maximum. I recommend Hawkhost or Hostgator.

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2. Installing and Setting Up WordPress Templates To Shop Online

This is one of the advantages of using the WordPress platform, there are a lot of Themes or templates that we can use to build an online store. In addition to its theme prices tend to be cheap, zoom also looks attractive and professional. Actually, we could use a free theme of WordPress, but I recommend you to invest the money to buy a premium theme, yet it is also for your business. After you install WordPress on your hosting, the next step is to install Theme for your online store.
One WordPress theme for online stores that I recommend is artificial Wholesale developer WP Theme-id. This unique theme sold at a cheap price, which is worth $ 25. In addition to WP theme Wholesale, Theme-id also offers a variety of other templates online store, and it's a very unique theme.
You also will get a tutorial how to use the theme for more leverage for online stores to be built. This tutorial is very easy to learn, including of initial setting, how to post a product, enter the number of contacts, social media, and more. 

3. Install Plugins Support For Online Stores

To support the performance of online stores that we are building, of course, we need to install some plugins. These plugins can help the performance of your online store, but make sure you install the plugins needed because too many plugins can also slow loading a website. Some plugins that I recommend are:

  •     Akismet: prevent SPAM
  •     Bulletproof Security: to help the security of the website
  •     Contact Form 7: contact form on website
  •     Google XML Sitemaps: sitemaps for website
  •     SEO Friendly Images: SEO images to help improve website (Download Here)
  •     Yoast SEO Premium: SEO for every post in your website (Download Here)
  •     WP Smush.it: help speed up the load image
  •     Shopping Chart Plugin (I'll post it next time, just keep reading our posts)
Overall, how to create an online store using WordPress is the easiest platform in my opinion. No special skills required for all settings, just read the tutorial which is provided by its theme developer.
That's short tutorial How To Build Online Store With Wordpress Theme. If you need something to ask, feel free to ask it on the comment form. Thank's for your attention guys, see you on the next post.


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