Sell Your Products Faster With FB Graph Beast

Hello ! I want to share another cool stuff to instantly boost your products sales. It's called "FB Graph Beast". I've use this software for 1 week and I sold all of my products. It's just like magic.

How does it works ?

This software works in a simple way. For example if you want to sell xbox game dvd without this software you must search for peoples who have an interest or looking for xbox game dvd. But if you use this software all you have to do is input the product name or product type and click search, then the software will scrape user id and email of peoples who's have an interest or looking for xbox game dvd. Awesome !

How to use this magic software ?
1. Open the software

2. Enter to your Facebook account. You can use your real account or I recomend you to create a fake facebook account to start this software project.

3. Go to setting tab. Choose your limits and choose destination folder to save you scrape results.

4. Click OK

5. Fill the search column with your product name or anything you want to search




Look at the results of your search

7. After that go to batch extraction (Pro) tab to get your scrape UID and email(s).

8. Click Start and Download is starting.


Wait a secs....

9. After download process is finish, open your destination folder and open the results.

10. Done ! You have a lot of people who's looking for your products.

That's it the magical software FB Graph Beast. I hope it can help your sales and become your money making tools. Thanks for reading guys. Cheers !

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