Free Linux VPS USA Server

Linux VPS Web Hosting Hello guys ! Today I wanna share a simple trick to get Free Linux VPS US Server for you.

Before we start with this trick I just want you to know that to do this trick you need an android phone or an android emulator installed on your PC.

1. Go to AlwaysOnPC website

2. Click on sign up

3. Fill the data form

4. If you're done with registration. Check your email for verification

5. Log out and Log in again into your account. On this step you must have java installed on your PC.

6. Click "connect to AlwaysOnPC"

7. Open and click RUN

8. Enter your email and password. If you're doing it right, it would be look like this.

Congratulations ! You have your own Free Linux VPS USA Server ! But just for 7 days. If you want an unlimited time for your Free Linux VPS USA Server you can download it below and install on your android smartphone or android emulator (I preffer android emulator).

Download Link:


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