Build Set and Forget Autoblog Wordpress SEO Friendly

Hello ! I wanna share easy way to Build Set and Forget Autoblog Wordpress SEO Friendly to make a passive income for your living. My method is really simple and I'll give you full version of plugins that I use. All you have to do before start doing my method is learning a basic knowledge about wordpress website. Okay, I hope you're ready to start with my method. Let's go guys !

1. Keyword Research

I think this is really fundamental in SEO. You must plan your keyword and find the golden keyword so your web can be appear on the first page of Google. What I do in Keyword Research is go to Adword Keyword Planner and search for low competition keyword. But before that I go to ubersuggest(dot)org and enter my main keyword to get the long tail keywords. After that I enter all of the long tail keywords from ubersuggest to adword keyword planner and search for profitable keywords. Search for >1000 exact local search but low competition. After that I use Market Samurai (Download Here). to for the next step. Enter your top 10 keyword from Adword Keyword Planner and enter that to market samurai. Do it again like what you do before in adword keyword planner. And that's it my golden Keyword.

2. Exact Match Domain

After you have the golden keywords go to find the exact match domain. What is exact match domain ? It's a domain name that include your main keyword for example: if you make a house design website domain name would be besthousedesign(dot)com. In my experience keyword on domain could boost up the traffic.

3. Install Wordpress

Install wordpress into your host and do this setting:

- set permalink to /%postname%.html or /%postname%

- upload your robot.txt

- install this plugins: WP robot, All in one seo pro, W3 Total Cache, WP minify, SEO ALRP, STT2, Ping Optimizer, Privacy Policy, SEO Friendly Image.

4. Set WP Robot

Search for your rss feed source. If you don't know how to do that, just do these step: First go to google and enter this " (your keyword or niche) After you found the best source for you enter this in that blog URL If your source blog's feeds isn't show the full post, go to wizardrss and enter the feed URL.

After you have the best feed for your WP Robot go to WP Robot Create Campaign. Choose RSS Campaign and enter the URL Feed.

The main Idea of this method is you create an autoblog wordpress which have these features:

- Great Content

- Autopost

- Autograb Image

- SEO optimized

I don't optimized off page SEO like create backlink with Senuke or GSA SER but if you wanna do that I will give you download links for full version of that software. I play quantity. In my opinion If you just optimized one blog a chance of google panda execute your blog become higher.

That's my simple and easy method to Build Set and Forget Autoblog Wordpress SEO Friendly. Build as many blog as you can and monetize your blog. Keep doing this method if you feel this worthed and stop looking for another method. Just focus with one method !

That's it guys ! I hope you enjoy it, cheers !

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