How To Get 80$ In 30 Minutes

What we;'re gonna do here is go to mindsumo website and finish the challenge form mindsumo. Mindsumo is a website that pays user to solve problems or to provide solutions and interesting ideas from existing problems. 

On this website you can get $ 50 - $ 150 per challenge. challenge given is not too difficult. Competition level is not too high, because there is a maximum limit of a given solution. eg 30 or 40, depending on the company that put up. Chance of victory was fairly large. eg from 30 entries, there will be 8 winners, and 5 honors. So the chance to win agan agan would be 13/30 or 43%.
So, all you gonna do is just finish the challenge no need to use additional cost like any other money making method. For me it's really simple and I love to do this money making method. Here's steps to get 80$ in 30 minutes:
  • Register your account on (Promotional Code: 5DOLLAR), it will get $ 30 + $ 5 of the promo code.
  • Connect with your LinkedIn account to get $ 5.
  • Complete your profile, enter the requested information. After 85% of the information you filled, then you will get $ 5.
  • Finish any challenge, then you immediately get $ 25.
  • On the earnings section click on the ambassadors, then you get $ 10
  • Finally get $ 80, for the first withdrawal the minimum ammount is $ 100
Note: You'll need .edu email to sign up in mindsumo, because mindsumo is for students / student or educational institution.

That's it guys ! It's my simple method to make money online. I know it's hard to get .edu email this day, but If you already have .edu email making money with this method will become easier. Thanks for reading and visiting my website, please feel free to download our cracked tools. See you on the next post !


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