[ Wordpress Tutorial ] Best Plugins For Wordpress Blog / Website

Best WordPress Plugins - Plugins in WordPress to be one of the advantages of sites that use WP platform. We can add capacity and also functions on a WP site by installing several plugins, both plugins to help SEO websites, plugins to beautify the site, and others.
The availability of various plugin on WordPress bloggers sometimes makes some confusion, which must be installed plugin and the plugin which serves as an additional course. We should not install plugins that have the same function, but will increase the burden of hosting source, will also make us confused in its use.
Every blogger or webmaster definitely have their own favorite plugins commonly installed on their WP sites. The best plugins I mean here is that we have to install plugins in your blog or website blog so that we create a more optimal both SEO and functionally.
Here is some of the best WordPress plugins for WP blog / website: 

1. Plugins For SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To maximize SEO a blog or website you must install these plugins. Keep in mind, we do not need to install all the plugins that have the same function.

  • All In One SEO Pack, WordPress SEO by Yoast - Both plugins have almost the same functions that help you enter the website title, keywords, description, thus making your site easily recognized by search engines. I prefer to use WordPress SEO by Yoast because this plugins is more complete than All In One SEO Pack.
  • Google XML Sitemaps - This plugin is used to create a sitemap automatically and map each content in the website so that the website content easy to read and indexed by search engines.
  • SEO Friendly Images - Plugin which can help us to add ALT and Title attributes on every picture we post. It can help increase traffic from image search results in google, and make every picture becomes W3C / xHTML valid. You can download this plugin for free 1 Click Image Ranker
  • W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache - Loading old web often makes us lose visitors. With this plugin we can be helped to accelerate load our website. I prefer to use the plugin WP Super Cache because it is easier to be set hehehe.
  • WP Smush.it - ​​This plugin is used to shrink the size of the picture in our website. In addition will help to speed up the loading of our website, this plugin also helps reduce the burden of hosting source.
  • SEO SCFA -  This is one of my favorite plugin. In addition to making the internal links automatically, this plugin also make an appearance related post on each article look more beautifu
  • CBNet Ping Optimizer - Every time we post a new article or edit an old post then WordPress will automatically ping search engines. But if too often ping will make our site is considered a SPAM. This plugin serves to limit the number of ping search engines. Update, plugins are not needed anymore because, according to the latest information I get on the WordPress pinging process is only done when the first post. When the old content is edited and updated, no pinging process, but the search engines will still be able to read the changes made to the edited content.

2. Plugins For Social Media

It is undeniable that social media is very important in the process of promotion of a website. The more we are well known in the Socia media website, the more likely we are to be known by others.
We should install the plugin for social media on your web so your visitors can help us in the promotion process itself. When a visitor like an article, maybe he wants to give a facebook like 'or distribute to a friend Facebook or twitter. Here was happening viral effect of social media, so as to make our website more known by others. Here are some social media plugins that I use:

  • SEO Facebook Comments - Setting up the comments field at the end of each post we make. Every time someone in the comment column, the comment and a link to our website also sent to their facebook page.
  • Twitter Facebook Social Share - WordPress plugin to install button Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, and other social share. We can put it at the top or bottom of each post in the blog / web.

3. Plugins For Contact

These Plugins are required for communication with visitors or someone who would like to contact us via the contact page. Does not rule out the possibility there will be someone who wants to do business with us or want to rent space for advertisements on our website. It is necessary for the contact page which can be connected to email.

  • Contact Form 7 - This Plugin are very easy to use. We can create a special page for contact and create a column for stuffing, as can be seen on the contact page of this blog.

4. Plugins For Security

Security is very crucial for a website. For those who have skills in terms of coding, can set security by adding a special script to the server to secure their WordPress blog. However, that does not have these skills need to install WordPress plugins, including:

  • Wordfence Security
  • Login Lockdown
  • Bulletproof Security

5. Other Plugins
Some favorite plugins that are installed on my blog are:

  • Akismet - This plugin helps us to withhold comment SPAM
  • WP Optimize - To help optimize the performance of WordPress
  • WordPress Related Post - To automatically display the related articles below the post
  • Dagon Design Sitemap Generator - Helping create a sitemap for visitors
  • WP Touch Pro - Plugins that make our website in a mobile theme for easy use by smartphone owners.
  • SEO Search Terms Tagging 2 - This plugin can help strengthen SEO onpage a website

Actually there are many plugins that can be used for the blog / web WordPress us, but you do not need to rush to install a plugin that does not fit the needs of a web because it will only add to the burden of hosting. Ok this is it - Best Plugins For Wordpress Blog / Website, if you have any additional plugins or other opinion, please post in the comment section.


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