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Hey guys ! Looking for tools to improve your image in search engine ? This is 1 Click Image Ranker. You can download it for FREE !!! 
Here's a review of 1 CLICK IMAGE RANKER
In 6 years, my friend George Katsoudas was getting traffic from Google Images.According to the BBC, Google Images is more than 1 billion pages views per day!You can download a free pdf cheatsheet show you exactly how to optimize your images for search engines like Google. Google often shows pictures ABOVE normal text results. If your images appear there, basically you can steal” No. 1 from your competitors.
The problem is PLASTIC IS TOUGH.
And do not even THINK about using an image you find from a stock site. Google KNOW if your image can be found on other sites. If you use the photos like everyone else, your image will not rank high.
The solution is a super simple WordPress plugin that George developed.
It creates images based on text for your content.
It is optimized for the keywords they choose.
It helps you free traffic from the more search engines like Google.
All automatically. It is called 1 Click image Ranker

1 Click image Ranker Review – What is it?

1 Click image Ranker is an excellent WordPress Plugin George Katsoudas. The plugin probably on a daily page views of Google Images 1000000000. It creates images based on text, add them to your content and optimize it for the search engines.

The plugin can create unique images from scratch. This means that you have no risk of copyright infringement by using pictures of other people. In addition, Google will want to rank them CAO (Google does not want to put a picture was found on 10 different locations as well).

The plugin can also optimize any EXISTING images on your site, automatically (as long as it is the first image of your content). The plugin will optimize an image for each post / page for your keywords, to avoid overoptimization.

ALL major search engines search function for taking pictures. There are pictures of Google, Bing and Yahoo Image Search Images. That shows you how important is image search. BBC reported that Google Images you receive more than 1 billion views per day.




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