[ Adsense Tips ] 3000$ In Six Month With Google Adsense

NOTE: Although this was written in 2006, but almost all of the tips and tricks is still working, because we've the basic concept of a blogging and adsense. How far Google is change his algorithm, of course, will affect how effective these tips, but the concept is still the same developing blog.
A prerequisite for implementing this strategy are:

  • Mastering html and css can modify the div tag and its value
  • Mastering a programming language such as php asp minimal or knowing how to modify the function
  • Capable to acces the internet at least 3 hours per day
  • Capable to sit in front of the computer at least 3 hours per day outside the Internet access.
  • Do not be tempted by the offer of earning from adsense with instant way (this is mostly bullshit)
  • Willing to work hard.

First Month

Preparation phase:

  • Create a list of keywords with a minimum of 10 searches per day -> check overture or other web (You must be able to seek or find by yourself without the help of others) it will train you in searching and understand the logic of search engines
  • Select the blog or cms program that suits your skills
  • Prepare your site name, keywords, and description
  • Find the content material on the internet or in other media (offline)
  • Buy a domain and hosting
  • Build blog / site with a minimum of 30 unique content in your site / blog
These steps must be completed within 7 days (MAXIMUM)
The next step is promotions and updates

  • Post unique content, two posts per day is enough 
  • Submit a sitemap to google
  • Register to free link directory.

Do these steps on a regular basis for 3 weeks. So in one month your web is known and already have a unique visitors and revenue from adsense must be above 10 USD

The first month preparation phase or tweaking:

For Beginners:
  • Create search engine friendly urls such as http://wolfcrackcrew.blogspot.com/posting1.html for the default, it's better than blablabla.com/?123&hdgt1626
  • Register to free directory list three times a day
  • Submit your site to ocial bookmarking service once a day (digg, furl or co.ment)
  • Learn php and css, hopefully for the next month you could be tweaking to intermediate level

For Intermediate Level:

  • Add google adsense track it's for visitor analysis and see the highest referrers
  • Change the format of ads to medium large or rectangle
  • Adjust the design with color ads
  • Clean out design from tags which is doesn't really needed. Try to test in a text-based browser such as lynx and make the main content being at the top after a head meta tag

For Advance Level:

  • Place in adwords ( Check the T.O.S. is it still allowed or not )
  • Add plugin such as pingoat and other ping services
  • Do steps in beginner and intermediate levels 3 x times more
  • Create a web design which is user friendly and catching eye



You are already pass the first month so you must be can do this:

  • Mastering CSS modification
  • Mastering HTML modification
  • Mastering PHP
  • Find web directory which is suit your website
  • You have content source for your site
  • You can see the visitor trend
  • Already have multiple accounts on social bookmarking
  • You've found the ideal shape of your web syndication (approximately topics and market share that will be your viewfinder)
  • You've received a few clicks and have visitors at least 500 per day
  • You are ready to work hard and have the moral support from the people who are closest and beloved. 
  • You've been able to overcome boredom due to repetitive work in a large capacity.
  • Already have your expected earnings targets.

Preparation Phase

  • Create a simple analysis, look at your web statistic what's the most popular keywords on your site.Choose four keywords which is relate closely to your website
  • Create a website / blog with that four keywords
  • Do what you did in the first month but this time must be completed within 7 days

Execution Phase

  • Your main site must be updated as much as you can with extreme time spansSubmit your site to social bookmarking site.
  • Search for website who play in the same niche and ask for link exchange
  • Optimize your web design it must be cool (for the design will be discussed separately)
  • Do not play with quantity of your content. Always create quality content. Content is the king

Do this for your 4 new sites.1. Do exactly what you did in the first month.2. Optimize the new site

  • Create a link between the old and the new site. It will speed up indexing
  • Update content every day

Notes: If your website still do not meet the target, try to check your website with this:

  • Indexed in msn, google, and yahoo
  • Whether it have search engine friendly URL or no
  • Whether the design have been accordance with the requirements of search engines or no.
  • Unique content is 51% of the total contents
  • Whether your domain name is relevance with the content of your website or no.
  • Whether your visitors mostly from your local country or no.

That is the first two month, I'll update it later. See you on the next post !


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