[ Wordpress Tutorial ] Easy Way To Build Multi-Language Wordpress Blog / Website

For those of us who are new to web developers, might sometimes think of how to create a web site with many languages ​​(multi-language) without any writing errors. You might also think, to create multilingual sites need a depth knowledge of coding such as PHP, javasript. etc. But actually to create a multi-language website is very easy, what we need is Self Hosted WordPress and WordPress plugin called qTranslate.

How to create multilingual sites is very easy:

  • Make sure you are using a self hosted wordpress
  • Download and install the plugin qTranslate. You can download the latest version of the plugin qTranslate     
  • Activate the plugin qTranslate wich is already installed 
  • Perform settings on qTranslate plugin by clicking Settings -> Languages 
  • Add the language you want. see picture below:
Once the language is added, do the settings in the General settings and advanced settings. for more details see the pictures:

 Then click Save Changes, this plugin will change your post like this:
That's it guys ! It's easy, right ? You don't need mastering coding like php or something else like that. Just install the plugin and do a little experiment for maximizing this plugin's feature. Thank's for reading guys, see you on the next post !


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