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Pinterest Theme Covert PinPress 2.2

Everyone loves pictures which is why a lot of marketers chose to deploy a pinterest style theme on their blogs. One of the most popular themes is Covert PinPress which came out in 2012, and now with the arrival of Covert PinPress 2.2 thought it best to show you exactly what covert pinpress is all about. 

I’ve had a good play around with the theme and it does mimic features found on Pinterest rather well, such as:
  • A flexible grid style post layout
  • Automatic loading of more posts when scrolling
  • A  top info area called the “nag bar” (a widget area you can put html or text in, or turn off completely)
  • Your categories and pages as your navigation menu (just like on Pinterest).
  • And even though Pinterest doesn’t do it, using wordpress, we have the option to use a sidebar on the front page
  • Add custom featured images to display on your “board”
  • Change the background color of the theme
  • Use a widget ready left or right sidebar (or both) on individual posts and pages
  • Show post title, excerpts, full post on the front page
  • Custom popup
  • The ability to add 5 rotating ads at the end of your posts
  • Show comment count and comments on the front page
Once you’ve installed and configured covert pinpress, which is very easy, you are ready to start adding posts as with any other WP blog. The front page of your site will look exactly like Pinterest. Each image that’s published will have the 3 social buttons that pop up when you hover over the image, just like Pinterest.



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