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3 Reasons Choosing YouTube For Your Business Marketing Strategy

In business, we can not just rely on one or two marketing techniques-that's all year round. World that continues to change course will make you as a businessman should be able to adapt to the changes around you. One big change is happening in the world today and has a strong influence is the social media.
Social media has now become its own phenomenon has indeed been stout changed the face of the world, including the business world. If in the past you may only sell products or goods through direct marketing techniques to the consumer so now you do not need to bother to go to a consumer, but you can do it away from direct contact with the online way. Yes, how online is a very effective strategy in today's marketing business. The level of effectiveness and efficiency has encouraged the rapid rising online marketing.
Online marketing tools that can be selected by the business are manifold. Starting from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and which can not be underestimated again is YouTube. With millions of video content and its millions of users, YouTube became one of the media campaign that should be taken into account by the businessmen. Then why entrepreneurs should start using YouTube in terms of marketing or marketing. Here's the reason.

1. Effective To Promote Your Business

With the number of users has now reached 1 billion more make YouTube into one of the effective means to attract more prospective customers for a business. Especially with video content that is identical to YouTube, then the message you desire can be conveyed properly and interesting.
Of course, to produce videos that appeal to business promotion, you have to be creative and continue to learn the techniques of good shots. Someone professionalism is needed in network marketing through YouTube, and therefore the equipment such as video recorder, light background and the model is also a determinant. Do not forget to pay attention to the script that will be displayed if you are going to use it.
For optimal results, you also have to make sure that you choose a unique title and keyword optimized according potentially the most likely typed in a search. Include links that point to your website or blog so that you get traffic from it.

2. It Can Maximize Website SEO

The next thing that makes Youtube should be a choice in marketing your business is its impact on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) your business website. Yes, since by the company Google acquired YouTube in November 2006, a video-based social networking has indeed been placed and will always appear on the top pages of the search engine Google as a special menu. So if you are relying on your online marketing with SEO strategies, from now on you may not ever skip Youtube.
With the combination of website and Youtube channel content you have, the great potential you look at the top page of Google search will be more wide open. By becoming the top in a Google search, of course, you will be more likely to attract more consumers and customers for your business.

3. The YouTube Partner Program

Lastly, the thing that makes YouTube should be an option in your marketing technique is the presence of a YouTube partner program. Yes, since 2007, YouTube had indeed been officially launch partner program or partnership for any of its users to be able to make money. By joining this partnership program, users will be able to earn up to $ 9,000 if the video gets aired over two million views.
With this great advantage, then you can do two things simultaneously benefit your business. Apart from being a media video of business marketing, you can also get other income from program partner of YouTube. However, to be glimpsed in this program, you can not play, you have to seriously work on your channel.

That's it about Youtube For Business Marketing. I hope this post will give a big benefit for you. If you have something to say please feel free to write in comment section. See you on the next post !

[ Wordpress Tutorial ] Easy Way To Build Multi-Language Wordpress Blog / Website

For those of us who are new to web developers, might sometimes think of how to create a web site with many languages ​​(multi-language) without any writing errors. You might also think, to create multilingual sites need a depth knowledge of coding such as PHP, javasript. etc. But actually to create a multi-language website is very easy, what we need is Self Hosted WordPress and WordPress plugin called qTranslate.

How to create multilingual sites is very easy:

  • Make sure you are using a self hosted wordpress
  • Download and install the plugin qTranslate. You can download the latest version of the plugin qTranslate     
  • Activate the plugin qTranslate wich is already installed 
  • Perform settings on qTranslate plugin by clicking Settings -> Languages 
  • Add the language you want. see picture below:
Once the language is added, do the settings in the General settings and advanced settings. for more details see the pictures:

 Then click Save Changes, this plugin will change your post like this:
That's it guys ! It's easy, right ? You don't need mastering coding like php or something else like that. Just install the plugin and do a little experiment for maximizing this plugin's feature. Thank's for reading guys, see you on the next post !

[ Wordpress Tutorial ] 3 Steps To Securing WordPress Blog / Website

Maybe it is often discussed in many other blogs on WordPress securing step, but it does not hurt myself as well write it here. Because I believe it is never enough appealed only once!

What hacker can get from breaking into our website?

Perhaps for those who have a blog with unimportant contents such as poem or just regular notes, securing their website is not really worth it. Maybe they think it's useless to breaking their website, because they don't have any important data. That's wrong !

For criminal hacker, everything could be important, our emails (which is we use it for many other sites), the data commentator or anything they can use. Even it's more dangerous than breaking into our blog, they could take over the entire server, it could be other websites which is hosted in the same server this website may be very important for the owner website got hacked too.

3 Steps To Securing WordPress

Before writing this post I see the log in my own dashboard (on my other site), one security plugins that I use
noted there's 890 IP attempting to break my website.

890 is a big number, you can imagine how many evil guy out there who try to steal important data form our website. Mostly all of them use bruto force attack. I hope by reading this you'll understand how important it is to securing our blog from criminal hacker. Okay guys, let's go with our 3 steps to securing our wordpress blog / website.

1. Use non-default DB prefix

Never use wp_ in your DB prefix. I'll never use that because I believe using that default DB prefix will make our web vulnerable to SQL injection attack.

2.Never Use "ADMIN" For Username And Make Complicated Password

Never use "ADMIN" as your username, 890 brute force attacker who try to break my website, they use "ADMIN" as username. And make a complicated password for your website. Something like "r098ckjhslik7675%%$$". Trust me it works well.

3.Install Wordpress Security Plugin

There's a lot of wordpress security plugin for your website. One of my recommended plugin is Limit Login Attempt. Also you can check our web for downloading premium security plugin for free. It will make your website become more powerful to fight againts your web attacker.

That's it guys 3 steps to securing wordpress blog / website. I hope you enjoy this post. See you on the next post !

[ Wordpress Tutorial ] How To Add Google Adsense In Wordpress

Hey guys ! Today I will give you tutorial how to add google adsense in you wordpress blog / website. Google AdSense is one of the most popular ways to monetize your website. Did you know that you can easily add Google AdSense to your WordPress site and start making money? In this article, I'll show you how to add Google AdSense on WordPress along with sharing some best practices and tips to increase your income.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertising network run by Google that allows bloggers and website owners the opportunity to earn money by displaying text, images, video, and other interactive advertisements on their websites. These ads are targeted by the site's content and audience.

Google AdSense is free because you do not have to deal with advertisers or worry about the cost. Google manage and maintain relationships with advertisers. They collect payment, take part to google, and send part of it to you.

AdSense offers a cost-per-click advertising (CPC) which means that you earn money every time a user clicks on an ad on your website. The amount received per click varies based on several factors.

Getting started with AdSense

The first thing you need to do is sign up for a Google AdSense account. If you have a Gmail account, then you can use an existing account.

Once you submit your application, you will receive an email within 6-8 hours, Google will notify you if you have passed the first step of the review process. If you pass the first check, then you can sign in to your AdSense account and get your ad code.

Start by clicking the My Ads tab and then click on the New button Ad Units.

It will take you to create a new ad pages. On this page, you need to select Ad size, type, and style.
Ad name is only used for internal purposes, so you can name it as "SiteName Sidebar".

The next option is to choose Size Ad. While Google offers a wide variety of ad sizes, there are certain sizes listed below are recommended for use because most popularly used among advertisers. That means that these ads tend to have higher inventory resulting in better payment.

The next option is to select the type of ad, I recommend having composed text ads and display.

This form of advertising allows you to control the display of text-based ad unit. I recommend using a color scheme that fits your site for the best results.

Once you are finished with this setup, simply click Save. and there will be a message "Adds successfully create", and you'll also see ad Code.

Copy and paste your ad code in Notepad because you'll need it in the next step.

Adding Google AdSense on WordPress

You need to decide where you want to display ads on your website. Most often your ad appears in a sidebar. You can add the ads in the sidebar using WordPress widget.

Please go to Appearance »Widgets in your WordPress admin area. Next drag and drop widget Text widget to the right position and paste your Google AdSense code there.

Download this premium theme for increasing your adsense earning Newspaper Theme 

Frequently asked questions pertaining to Google Adsense:

Best Adsense Ad Size?

Although ad placement is key, size is also important, the best measure to use adsense is 336 × 280 and 300 × 260. These ads tend to fit on most of the screen size and has a high level of payment as well.

Where is the Best AdSense placements?

It entirely depends on the layout of your site. The goal is to get more clicks, so you want to put your ad in a more prominent place. Place ad posting articles on the top because it tends to get the most clicks. And also in the sidebar above.

Can I click on my own ads?

Beginners often tempted to click on their own ads or ask a family member / friend them to click on their ads. And do not do it. Google algorithms are very smart and know when you click on your own ads. It can get you banned from the program.

What is Page RPM?

RPM stands for Revenue per Mille means revenue per 1000 impressions. It is determined by multiplying the number of clicks and cost-per-click and then dividing by the number of pageviews.

That's it guys my short tutorial about adding adsense into your wordpress site / blog. I hope you enjoy this post. See you on the next post !

[ SEO Tips ] The Best Link Building Strategy 2015

Hey guys ! This time I will give you my best link building strategy. I learn this strategy from somebody in blackhat marketing forum. Okay, Let's go with the best link building strategy !

What's Google Want ?

First of all you have to know what's google want from your backlinks. What I want to emphasize here is you must build quality backlinks and google must love it, your backlinks must meet these following conditions:
  • Authority
  • Relevant Niche
  • Natural
Here's what I made from this link building strategy

Step By Step:

  1. Create 20-30 contextual links guest post or blog post. For low budget, you can use web 2.0 properties but please understand what is the real meaning of TIER 1. If you still want to create spun articles, trust me it won't go so far.
  2. Requirement for articles: niche relevant, 100% unique, human readable, more than 500 words.
  3. I never use targeted keyword as anchor text. It's only naked URL and domain brand.
  4. Build Tier 2 for that 30 contextual links with drip feed
  5. Within 2-3 weeks my contextual links goes up to top 100 rank in And the next 7 weeks it goes to top 50 and automatically my money site goes up like rocket to top 10 rank in
  6. For make a strong SERP, I create more contextual links. So far I have 100 contextual links.

The Main Idea From This Link Building Strategy:

Build 20-30 contextual links for your money site, you can use contextual link guest post or blog post. And you must make your contextual link ranked on top 100 This method is safe from any google's cute animals, because you build backlink with autorithy site not from nonsense dummy blog. FYI this blog is one of my Tier 1 blog. I build this blog manually and once this blog is ready, I will place 5 of my contextual links in this blog.

That's it guys ! I hope this method can really help you to success on internet marketing world. Remember, nobody fails in internet marketing world, some just quit before their success come to their hands. Thanks for your visit, see you on the next post !

[ Wordpress Tutorial ] Best Plugins For Wordpress Blog / Website

Best WordPress Plugins - Plugins in WordPress to be one of the advantages of sites that use WP platform. We can add capacity and also functions on a WP site by installing several plugins, both plugins to help SEO websites, plugins to beautify the site, and others.
The availability of various plugin on WordPress bloggers sometimes makes some confusion, which must be installed plugin and the plugin which serves as an additional course. We should not install plugins that have the same function, but will increase the burden of hosting source, will also make us confused in its use.
Every blogger or webmaster definitely have their own favorite plugins commonly installed on their WP sites. The best plugins I mean here is that we have to install plugins in your blog or website blog so that we create a more optimal both SEO and functionally.
Here is some of the best WordPress plugins for WP blog / website: 

1. Plugins For SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To maximize SEO a blog or website you must install these plugins. Keep in mind, we do not need to install all the plugins that have the same function.

  • All In One SEO Pack, WordPress SEO by Yoast - Both plugins have almost the same functions that help you enter the website title, keywords, description, thus making your site easily recognized by search engines. I prefer to use WordPress SEO by Yoast because this plugins is more complete than All In One SEO Pack.
  • Google XML Sitemaps - This plugin is used to create a sitemap automatically and map each content in the website so that the website content easy to read and indexed by search engines.
  • SEO Friendly Images - Plugin which can help us to add ALT and Title attributes on every picture we post. It can help increase traffic from image search results in google, and make every picture becomes W3C / xHTML valid. You can download this plugin for free 1 Click Image Ranker
  • W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache - Loading old web often makes us lose visitors. With this plugin we can be helped to accelerate load our website. I prefer to use the plugin WP Super Cache because it is easier to be set hehehe.
  • WP - ​​This plugin is used to shrink the size of the picture in our website. In addition will help to speed up the loading of our website, this plugin also helps reduce the burden of hosting source.
  • SEO SCFA -  This is one of my favorite plugin. In addition to making the internal links automatically, this plugin also make an appearance related post on each article look more beautifu
  • CBNet Ping Optimizer - Every time we post a new article or edit an old post then WordPress will automatically ping search engines. But if too often ping will make our site is considered a SPAM. This plugin serves to limit the number of ping search engines. Update, plugins are not needed anymore because, according to the latest information I get on the WordPress pinging process is only done when the first post. When the old content is edited and updated, no pinging process, but the search engines will still be able to read the changes made to the edited content.

2. Plugins For Social Media

It is undeniable that social media is very important in the process of promotion of a website. The more we are well known in the Socia media website, the more likely we are to be known by others.
We should install the plugin for social media on your web so your visitors can help us in the promotion process itself. When a visitor like an article, maybe he wants to give a facebook like 'or distribute to a friend Facebook or twitter. Here was happening viral effect of social media, so as to make our website more known by others. Here are some social media plugins that I use:

  • SEO Facebook Comments - Setting up the comments field at the end of each post we make. Every time someone in the comment column, the comment and a link to our website also sent to their facebook page.
  • Twitter Facebook Social Share - WordPress plugin to install button Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, and other social share. We can put it at the top or bottom of each post in the blog / web.

3. Plugins For Contact

These Plugins are required for communication with visitors or someone who would like to contact us via the contact page. Does not rule out the possibility there will be someone who wants to do business with us or want to rent space for advertisements on our website. It is necessary for the contact page which can be connected to email.

  • Contact Form 7 - This Plugin are very easy to use. We can create a special page for contact and create a column for stuffing, as can be seen on the contact page of this blog.

4. Plugins For Security

Security is very crucial for a website. For those who have skills in terms of coding, can set security by adding a special script to the server to secure their WordPress blog. However, that does not have these skills need to install WordPress plugins, including:

  • Wordfence Security
  • Login Lockdown
  • Bulletproof Security

5. Other Plugins
Some favorite plugins that are installed on my blog are:

  • Akismet - This plugin helps us to withhold comment SPAM
  • WP Optimize - To help optimize the performance of WordPress
  • WordPress Related Post - To automatically display the related articles below the post
  • Dagon Design Sitemap Generator - Helping create a sitemap for visitors
  • WP Touch Pro - Plugins that make our website in a mobile theme for easy use by smartphone owners.
  • SEO Search Terms Tagging 2 - This plugin can help strengthen SEO onpage a website

Actually there are many plugins that can be used for the blog / web WordPress us, but you do not need to rush to install a plugin that does not fit the needs of a web because it will only add to the burden of hosting. Ok this is it - Best Plugins For Wordpress Blog / Website, if you have any additional plugins or other opinion, please post in the comment section.

[ Wordpress Tutorial ] Best Setting For WP SEO By YOAST

WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast is one of the best of my WordPress plugin for on-page SEO. With a variety of features in it, we can easily set up a website with a maximum search engine optimization. Actually, there is quite a lot of articles that discuss the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast, but I decided to make this article.
In this article, I will discuss how to setup this plugin on a blog, possibly setting the way I described in this article is rather different from the way the settings on other blogs. However, the functions and benefits would be equal to any WordPress blog. Some of the features contained in the WP SEO plugin by Yoast:
  • Availability of the box to set the title of the blog, article title, and description that can be set with ease.
  • Previews snippet from Google Search.
  • Configuration meta robots: noodp meta tags, meta tags noydir, set noindex or nofollow a page.
  • Configuring header / footer RSS.
  • Organize each page breadcrumbs posts
  • And much more.

So this is a very complete plugin to help SEO on your website page. I think the WP SEO plugin by Yoast still much better than the similar plugin like All In One SEO Pack. Ok, here is the best setting for WP SEO Plugin by YOAST.

Download SEO by YOAST Premium Here

Installing WP SEO Plugin by Yoast

The first step is to install this plugin from your WordPress dashboard. It's easy, after logging into the admin WP, click plugins then click add new. In the search field, you can type in keywords "WP SEO by Yoast" and click search plugins.
Then you'll see a lot of wordpress plugins and WordPress SEO by Yoast, click install now. Or you can upload the zip file Premium version of SEO by YOAST (you can download it first from our site). Once installed, the next step is to activate the plugin. Here's how this plugin on my dashboard.

 Setting the WP SEO Plugin by Yoast

As I mentioned earlier, there are many people who use this plugin and probably there are some among them who have different ways of setting up this plugin.

1. Data Transfer

If you have been using similar plugins, for example plugin All In One SEO Pack, WooThemes SEO Framework, and others, then it is advisable to import the data that were previously made on the plugins. You can use other plugins to import data easily, ie the plugin SEO Data Transporter. But if you are still new blog you do not need to do this.

2. General Settings

The next step is to make the setting of the dashboard WP SEO plugin by Yoast by clicking on the plugin icon on the left side of your WP admin. There you will see a screen like the following picture:

There we will see some settings such as Tracking, Security, and Webmaster Tools. In the checklist column tracking me leave it blank because I do not want the creator of the plugin to track the data from my WordPress. While on the Securitu me tick, this is very important when you've got some Author website so that they can not arbitrarily make arrangements that do not want.
In webmaster part we can add Webmaster code from some services such as, Google webmaster tools, Bing webmaster tools, and more. This facility is actually very easy for the owner of the blog to enter a code webmaster tools into their website, but I did not use this facility because I used to do it manually. I leave this column blank. Make friends who have not been accustomed to insert the code webmater tools to blog, I suggest to use this facility. After completing the setting here, do not forget to click Save Changes.

3. Setting Titles & Metas

Titles & Metas page we will see some parts that we can set, such as General, Home, Post Types, Taxonomies, and Other. I just set up the two parts of the course, namely General and Home. While at the Post Types and others I let it default.
3.1. General
Here we can set the Title Settings, Sitewide meta settings, and Clean up the head. Adjust the settings with the one you want. For my website I made setting General as in the image below. Once finished, do not forget to click Save Changes

3.2. Home

In this section we can set the Title (title) to the website, the website Meta description, and Meta Keywords. It should be noted that Google and other search engines limit the number of characters Title and Description of a website in their search pages, you must enter the Title and Description short, solid, and clear. Do not forget to include the main keyword or keywords for your website in the Meta Keywords. After completing the data on your website, do not forget to click Save Changes.

 4. Social Media Settings

On this page we can add our own social media accounts, like Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, and Google+ Page. It's not difficult to make arrangements in this page, we only need to add our social media accounts into it, and then click Save Changes.

5. Set XML sitemaps

On this page we can manage XML sitemaps for website we will optimize the robot to be easily read by Google and other search engines. I did not use this facility to my website because I prefer the other plugins to create sitemaps, the plugin Google XML sitemaps. But you also can use the XML sitemaps from WP SEO plugin by Yoast.

6. Permalinks Settings

Here we can set the permalinks for websites that we wake up to make it more SEO friendly. Although I think this facility is very nice, but I prefer to set my website permalinks manually, setting permalinks on WordPress dashboard.

7. Internal Links

It is one of the best feature that I liked from the WP SEO plugin by Yoast. We can put breadcrumbs to our website very easily. Simply do a little setting of internal page links. You also need to enter a code which is provided into your theme. I put it into single.php, just above the tag Content.

8. RSS

On this page we can set up RSS to a website that we created. We can add a link or even a few words, both above and below the content, and it will be read by the subscriber. It is advisable to add a link at the beginning or at the end of the content, is to anticipate if someone (scrapers) take your website to the auto feed blog, so you will not lose credit as the original content owners. Do not forget to click Save Changes.

9. Import & Export

Look at the point number 1 above, if you have previously used other SEO plugins, such as All In One SEO Pack and want to replace it with WP SEO by Yoast then you can import the data directly via this page, of course, after performing the steps in point 1 above. This facility is very easy for us because it does not need to set Meta tags again from scratch, using the setting of our previous stay at another plugin.

10. Bulk and Bulk Editor Title Description Editor

From these two pages we can edit the title of each post and also his description without having to go to the editor each post articles. I'm never use this facility.

11. Edit Files

We can edit the robots.txt file to our website from this page. In addition, we can also edit files .htacces our website from here, but to edit the file .htacces, you must make sure that your file is writable.

12. Extensions

Well, this is the last page for the plugin WP SEO by Yoast. Here we can get the additional facilities of the creator of the plugin, such as Premium WP SEO, Video SEO, Local SEO and Video training for SEO. But to get these facilities we have to spend money to buy licenses its products. Calm down, I'll post the free version of this feature, just keep reading my posts.

That's my best setting for Wordpress SEO by Yoast, If you have something to ask please use the comment form. See you on the next post guys !


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