False Myths About Search Engine Optimization

I often smile to myself when I read comments about the beginner SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Not to say that I have great or SEO expert, but indeed I've been quite a long time studying the development and changes in SEO, and many are not in accordance with some of the myths circulating among SEO experts.
There is a unique quote I've ever read on the internet, written like this:

   " Be careful with those who had a wrong knowledge, it is even more dangerous than a folly "

In the world of online marketing (particularly SEO), it is often the case. For example a company spends a lot of time to optimize their own websites, but in fact they do it the wrong way. Or someone in the online marketing industry makes a false statement about SEO that makes his company look incompetent. In fact, many false myths about SEO.
The beginners are often blamed the changes of Google Algorithm Search Engines which is updated regularly. Even some people have mentioned that a search engine algorithm updates is only a trick  in order to satisfy the advertisers in Google Adwords. Actually blog webmaster tools already warned webmasters that optimize their website with appropriately. And there is a warning / ban of buying and selling links to others to get a Page Rank (PR).

Here are some false myths about SEO:

1. Got Rank 1 in Google is The Most Important

It is well positioned in the search engines will greatly help increase traffic because the number of clicks to our website will be bigger, but that does not mean it is the most important thing in online marketing. And the actual position in the search engines is not always a guarantee clicks to your website will always be good, but indeed this could be a good starting point for your marketing campaign online.
This is now a regular Google search engine algorithm update them thereby affecting their search results. Websites / blogs that have relevant content, with user-friendly listings in the search engines usually performs better. Theoretically website that ranks # 3 or # 4 in Google search results can only get more clicks than websites that are in position # 1.
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2. All the Webmaster and IT People Can Do SEO

Now this kind of thinking we often found on business owners who want to optimize their website in search engines. The fact that not all webmaster or IT person at the office / company you understand about SEO.
Suppose you hire a web designer or a webmaster to make your business website. Maybe they can do some things that relate to optimization of your website, for example, make arrangements XML Site Map, redirects, and create robots.txt to your website, but they are not necessarily understood to optimize your website in the search engines. As well as recourse to an electrician to repair the damaged computer.

3. SEO Website, Just Do It Only Once

Honestly, I am several times a SEOers read Facebook status saying that they have finished optimization (SEO) of their website and was quite satisfied with the results. In my opinion, SEO is not a job that no end point, because your competitors do the same, constantly optimize their website.
In addition, Google also always update the search results, so that their search results may change from time to time. SEO is a process that runs continuously and requires an investment of time and effort on a periodic basis.

4. SEO and Social Media Has Nothing to Do COMPLETELY

Apparently quite a lot of you know SEO experts who think that social media has nothing to do at all with SEO. In fact, search engines provide a special assessment on web pages that have an element of authority in social media. This is why then there is the term Social Search, due to social media and SEO are closely related.
An example that we can see is the effort made by the Google to develop a social media Google+ and Google Authorship. Relevant content and come from reliable sources (authors who have authority) will greatly affect the results of a Google search, and content shared on social media a lot more believable. So, they have (SEO and Social Media) is something that can not be separated.

5. The More Backlinks The More Better SEO

Google continues to update on their algorithms, and even some of these changes make a lot of website SEO players 'sprawl' even disappear from the Google search page. After all the changes made by Google in their algorithm, inbound links (backlinks) remains one of the determining factors ranking of a website in search engine Google. However, if you only focus on link building then it is like digging a 'grave' for your own website. Links to your website can indeed grow rapidly, but not necessarily with good quality.
Invest the time and money to build more quality content. This will help the success of a website / blog for the long term, for example by creating interesting articles in your business blog, or invite guest writers, and others. But it is not enough just to write articles, we also have to have a goal in each article are built.

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6. The H1 tag is the Key to Successful SEO

This myth actually already quite old school. SEOers many people believe that the key to success in SEO is the H1 tag (the title). The structure of the content on the pages of our website has become one of the very important factors for success in the Google SERP, and the audience too, of course. At one point H1 is very important, but the search engines are always learning and make adjustments necessary.
SEO offender old school type usually too focused on H1, and often impose enter keywords into H1 so impressed SPAM. Now this practice as it is not so effective (although H1 still affect SEO), which is more important is the information in the pages of our website relevant to the topics discussed.

7. The More Google index the better

Until now there are many who think that the major indexes on Google's website is a sign that we are getting quality website. I think this is an erroneous understanding enough. Some bloggers use tags much for one page article on their website, in the hope of all the tags that will be indexed and generate greater traffic.
The problem is, we often put a lot of keywords for tags without regard to the relevance of the keywords in the content or topics covered. Indeed, the index of the website will increase rapidly due to the use of tags that much of this. But then when the
Google search engine found that these tags do not relate to the content, it is likely that the index will be removed or even the content pages will get into trouble in the SERP. This is not something definite, but I better avoid it than to take risks.

8. SEO Is A Mysterious Art and Uncertain

Ok, I agree that the position of a web page in Google SERP mutable and can be changed at any time. However, there is a tendency that is always the case, and certainly, Google SERP always strive to provide the most relevant results for their users. And Google's search results are always getting better from day to day, they display the web page that contains content most relevant and useful to users. What does it mean? SEO it was not mysterious, it is not certain but there are trends.
If you or your company in collaboration with the person / company SEO services to optimize your business website, you should get involved. Your input is important for the SEO services company, since SEO is not just a series of optimization measures that can be applied to any niche. It's important for them to understand about your business, understand competitors, to find a strategy that can increase conversions for your business continuously.

I hope after reading this article you won't try to do something fool with your website SEO. Just let it be natural, and google will love your website. Don't wory about not being in the first page of google search engine, just keep posting an useful content and people will back again to your website to looking for another useful content. Thanks for reading guys ! See you on the next post !

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