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WordPress Cloaker is a powerful yet very simple to use plugin for WordPress that installs in minutes. Once installed, your control panel will allow you to:
  • Drive lots of targeted traffic to your blog
  • Redirect those visitors to landing pages, squeeze pages, affiliate web pages or any other pages you choose.
  • You can even redirect to pages based on the keywords used to find your site via the Search Engines.
  • PPC Benefits: Automatically create keyword rich, optimized pages. WPC will then redirect PPC clicks to any landing page of your choice. In hours, watch your PPC Costs go way down as your Quality Score goes up!
  • Used by top PPC Coaches around the Web!

WordPress Cloaker Features Breakdown:

  • Simple 5-minute installation
  • Easy to configure and use
  • Allows you to redirect site visitors instantly and invisibly to any web page of your choice. You can even redirect visitors based on the keywords they use to find your pages!
  • Referrer Faking
  • Target-cloak entire blog categories, independently
  • IP based redirection — the safest way to cloak
  • The most extensive Spider IP List available anywhere online, built-in!
  • Automatic IP update services available, update your IP lists every 4-hours!
  • Detailed log analysis

 Wordpress Cloaker Nulled Download Link:

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