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 WP Central Hub is a dynamic management plugin that allows you to control the functionality and look of all your WP sites from one, easy-to-control, centralized location!

If you are an affiliate marketer, web designer or site flipper and create similar Wordpress installations over and over again, it is important to find a solution that has the capacity to replicate the functionality and look easily, and in the quickest possible time...and this is where WP Central Hub comes into its own.

WP Central Hub does away with the arduous task of logging into dozens of wp-admins...one log-in gives
you access to all of your sites. It has many other features but a particularly awesome feature is the ability to write posts/pages on all of your sites from the HUB, this feature also includes a content spinner.

The WP Central Hub plugin is the only management plugin on the market that allows you to simultaneously control the functionality and appearance of all your Wordpress sites from one Central Hub in No Time Flat!

In short...WP Central Hub is a Game Changer!

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Get easy traffic with Wordpress Video Locker. Lock videos that can be unlocked with a simple facebook share like or any other action.

WordPress Video Locker is the only plugin you need to drive high quality social traffic to your website.It can help your site become viral in a matter of hours.

Great content is nothing without the right traffic. WordPress Video Locker can help you get that much needed traffic to you website very qucikly.

It works by inserting locked videos into your wordpress pages or posts. To unlock the videos, people need to perform an action, like sharing on facebook. His friends will se the video and will do the same thing, thus creating a snowball effect that can skyrocket your traffic and social media presence

This plugin enables you to add locked videos to your wordpress posts/pages, and allows the user to see them with a facebook share. This can increase traffic exponentially by up to 50 times. The plugin is very easy to setup and can be ready in a few minutes. Just enter your facebook app id, and start adding share-locked videos to your WordPress content.

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WP Authority bot is a WP plugin that creates authority and curated content with one click

  • Create Fast Content
  • Quick and Easy to Use
  • Find the best image and video to use
  • Create Quality Authority Blog
There's a lot of blog developer who try hard to find the best content, image and video for their site. With this plugin you can create content, add image and video easily with just one click. This tools is really useful and easy to use.
You can purchase this plugin for 17$. But, if you don't have money to purchase this plugin. You can download it from our site. We'll never ask you for additional cost or membership fee like in other nulled website. Just do a short survey and you'll get what you want.

WP Authority Bot Nulled Download Link:

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What WP SpinCode can do? 

WPSC is designed to revolutionize the way you implement content strategy: automatically generate contents that aim to create the best high quality content without wasting your time and energy. Therefore, this full review will examine some potential features of this product and assess whether your purchase is worth or not.

Ultimately, if you are looking for the best solution to solve content marketing as well as content strategy, I am sure you do not want to ignore this product. Besides, some people still argue that if they want high quality content, hiring a writer is the best choice. From my point of view, I think it is really great but there are some problems such as facing with high price when writing in difficult niche, idea synchronization between the writer and you…. Thus, I still support that WPSC is a better solution that can save your budget and time.

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If you are looking for best solutions to best optimize your site, then you can use WP SEO WordPress plug-in in your site. It offers you best ways to monitor every activity of your site & helps you to enhance quality of page content. On the other hand you will be able to focus more on terms & facts that will make your site SEO optimized & help to improve its rank.

WP SEO Tracker Nulled Download Link:

[ GET ] Wordpress Author hReview Nulled

Author hReview is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add support for hreview and aggregate Rating support on the basis of schema.org. This helps you to increase the search traffic by making the search engine results pages more eye catching. This plugin does not allow customers and site visitors in review or rating process.Download free Author hReview from below link.

Demo: http://wordpress.org/plugins/author-hreview/

Wordpress Author hReview Download Link:

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WordPress Cloaker is a powerful yet very simple to use plugin for WordPress that installs in minutes. Once installed, your control panel will allow you to:
  • Drive lots of targeted traffic to your blog
  • Redirect those visitors to landing pages, squeeze pages, affiliate web pages or any other pages you choose.
  • You can even redirect to pages based on the keywords used to find your site via the Search Engines.
  • PPC Benefits: Automatically create keyword rich, optimized pages. WPC will then redirect PPC clicks to any landing page of your choice. In hours, watch your PPC Costs go way down as your Quality Score goes up!
  • Used by top PPC Coaches around the Web!

WordPress Cloaker Features Breakdown:

  • Simple 5-minute installation
  • Easy to configure and use
  • Allows you to redirect site visitors instantly and invisibly to any web page of your choice. You can even redirect visitors based on the keywords they use to find your pages!
  • Referrer Faking
  • Target-cloak entire blog categories, independently
  • IP based redirection — the safest way to cloak
  • The most extensive Spider IP List available anywhere online, built-in!
  • Automatic IP update services available, update your IP lists every 4-hours!
  • Detailed log analysis

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