[ GET ] WP All Import Pro 4.1.2 Nulled

Import any XML or CSV File to WordPress. WP All Import will save you countless hours. Whatever import task you can imagine, WP All Import has you covered.


WP All Import Pro 4.1.2 Nulled Download Link:

[ GET ] WP Zoom Builder 1.0.1 Nulled


The ZOOM Builder WordPress plugin is a Drag & Drop page layout builder designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind.
Built for novices and professionals alike, it allows you to build complex page layouts without needing to know how to code.

10 Built-in Custom Modules

With 10 built-in modules and compatibility with any WordPress widget (including widgets that come with WordPress and widgets from themes and plugins), ZOOM Builder is ├╝ber flexible and can build the layout you want.

Easy to Use for Everyone!

An intuitive design makes the ZOOM Builder easy to use for everyone! Just drag and drop widgets to build the page layout you're after.

Fast & Secure on all Devices

Designed for awesome speed and security. Optimized code keeps ZOOM Builder fast and responsive, with best practices in programming keeping everything secure and stable. Pages built with ZOOM Builder are fully optimized for search engines.

WP Zoom Builder 1.0.1 Nulled Download Link:

[ GET ] WP Mass Tube Nulled

Instantly Add LOTS of Targeted Videos To WordPress. Monetize Them With Just 1 Click!

Add More Content To Your Sites.

Build Authority and Profit.

Complies with the YouTube TOS.

Easy to Use. 100% Newbie Friendly.

[ GET ] WP Security Ninja 2.0 Nulled

WP Security Ninja is the most recommended wordpress security plugin for your wordpress blog / website. This plugin have more features than other wordpress security plugin. I've been using this plugin for my wordpress website.

The best feature of this WP Security Ninja is this plugin will perform 31+ security test to fight the brute force attack. You don't need to worry about your security at all, even this plugin will check your site for security vulnerabilities.

Install this plugin, don't let script kiddies hack your site. You can purchase this plugin for $11. But if you don't have money to purchase this plugin or you want to purchase this WP Security Ninja but you want to sure whether you need this plugin or not, you can download WP Security Ninja nulled version on our website. You don't need to registering or pay for membership fee. Just do a short survey and WP Security Ninja 2.0 Nulled is ready to protecting your site.

WP Security Ninja 2.0 Nulled Download Link:

Why Your SEO Strategy Always Fails ?

One time I read an article from someone claiming to be 'SEO experts' who say that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has come to an end for the era of Google Penguin algorithm. I was quite shocked to read his article (sorry I did not include the source link, please search on google) and had felt a little 'down' because SEO is one of my skills in the world of internet marketing. My site experienced a significant decline in the SERP google search engine, and make traffic and earnings fell drastically. I had thought that the article was true, that it SEO techniques was finished for good.
Then me and some friends to dig deeper and do some research experiments regarding changes in the google search engine. And I found some information and the fact that the actual SEO techniques can still be relied upon, but need to be modified. Then you might ask why your SEO strategy fail? Here are some reasons why you apply SEO strategy did not work or even leave a bad impact on your website:

1. Your Website Suck

This is a reality that is often the case in the era of google algorithm panda and penguin! Nowadays SEO is not just about the backlinks that much but more than that, now google bot also look at the quality of your website. You must have quality content in order to win the attention of google. In addition Google also pay attention to user activity on your website and social media. If you do not have content that is preferred by your user or an ugly look and navigation, chances are your website will get in trouble in the SERP, especially google.

2. You're Using The Old SEO Tactics

Google search engine algorithms or other search engines are constantly changing from time to time, because it is done SEO tactics also change from time to time, adjusted for changes in search engine algorithms. SEO campaign is not up to date could have a negative impact on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) website, always doing SEO campaign up to date to keep your website SERP position.

3. Choosing Your Niche Too Hard

Choose a niche that is too hard is a risk to your business because you will definitely deal with other competitors who may have been very popular with the niche. You will be competing with websites large and well-known brands that are trusted by the search engines, you may feel ready to compete but this will be something that makes you frustrated, and you should be ready with it.

4. You Do not Have Tools To Analyze Your Website and Track Goal

Maybe you do not want to be bothered to install the analysis tools on your site, but how can you know your website traffic and your goal is reached if your website is not installed tools to analyze it? Installing Google Analytics on your website is a must if you want to succeed in your SEO campaign, so that you know what your goals are achieved and what is the appropriate strategy for your SEO campaign.

5. Focus Keywords Your Site Too Narrow

Focus on a niche is a good choice, but if you choose keywords (keywords) that are too narrow or rarely sought through search engine traffic it is most likely that you will get very little. You need a bit of expanding keywords your site to get a chance to reach a wider audience, but still remains on your niche.

6. Build Backlinks With The Wrong Way

Build backlinks is something that is recommended for SEO activity, we all agree about this! But in the era of panda and penguin algorithm, you are not recommended to build backlinks by a long way at will. You may never tempted by backlinks service that offers 10,000 backlinks in a short time and enough to pay Rp 100,000, - WOW! If you ever use the service during the panda and penguin, I can guess the results ... most likely your SEO campaign failed! To build a healthy backlinks to your website, you should pay attention to the quality of backlinks, and should look natural.

7. You Are Not Using Social Media

I believe that almost everyone has social media accounts such as twitter, facebook, pinterest, google plus, and others. If you have a website but do not have one social media accounts, I think this is a big mistake ... it too! If you do SEO campaign and think can win the competition SEO without using social media, then I can say that you're fooling yourself!

8. You Are Impatience

It is unfortunate that the SEO process does not happen quickly. You do all the effort in the right way but perhaps the results you expect is not visible in a matter of days or weeks or even months. There is no definite time when SEO campaign you will see the results, but I say that the true effort and patience is a must that be done by a webmaster, even when you do not get the results in time you have to keep doing your SEO as well as possible.

That's some facts why your SEO strategy always fails. I hope you can learn a big thing from this post. Don't ever give up and always work smarter not harder. See you on the next post !

[ GET ] WP Legal Pages 3.2 Nulled


WP Legal Pages is plugin to make legal pages in easy ways.

WP Legal Pages Features:

  • Easy to install & use Wordpress plugin. This plugin can be installed and legal pages added to your website in 5 minutes or less! Average users is seeing about that setup time... 
  • Force your website visitors to agree to your Terms, Privacy policy, etc using our lock down features. This can be used on both your Wordpress pages and posts!This is a very flexible option as you can put any txt in this forced option 
  • The pages that you create with our templates are full functioning Wordpress pages, so they show up in your pages listings and are just as easy to edit and make changes to. So you have full WYSIWYG editors and tiny MCE options just like with any other page! 
  • Currently  have 17 built in Lawyer approved legal page templates to choose from. These templates were created by a internet attorney which overall tend to be more versed in the internet laws etc. Now you can also create your own legal pages or mash up any of the existing templates to make what you want as everything works off short codes. 
  • This plugin is heavily integrated with short codes. So not only is all your business information you fill out based on short codes but so is the templates themselves and the custom templates you can create. So you can paste these short codes almost anywhere on your website ! 

WP Legal Pages 3.2 Nulled Download Link:

[ GET ] WP Auctions 3.7.2 Nulled

WP Auction Plug-in is an excellent choice available to set the auction online in a couple of minutes. The plug-in comes loaded with brilliant features that let webmasters to easily hold the auction on a website. One can easily setup this plug-in on the webpage via doing a simple click. As soon as the effective plug-in is installed, online visitor can starts bidding their points as a regular subscriber.



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